Friday, December 28, 2012

White Devils Responsible for 500 Homicides in Chicago This Year!

Posted by Nicholas Stix

CNN’s openly homosexual black supremacist Don Lemon says that we need to racially profile white men. According to black supremacy, everything bad that befalls any black is “the devil’s” fault.

Other white plagues include rain, snow, and allergy season. Such a dangerous group certainly cannot be trusted to keep and bear any arms.

Chicago reaches 500 homicides with fatal shooting
December 28, 2012 (“12 hrs ago”)
Associated Press/Yahoo

CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago has logged its 500th homicide of 2012.

The last time the city reached the 500-homicide mark was in 2008, when the year ended with 512 killings. Last year, city records show Chicago had 435 homicides.

On Thursday, officials with the Chicago Police Department said the city was one homicide away from the 500 mark. Hours later, a 40-year-old man was fatally shot in the Austin neighborhood on the city's West Side. Police say Nathaniel Jackson was found on the sidewalk outside a convenience store with a gunshot wound to the head late Thursday.

The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office says Jackson was pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital early Friday.

Jackson's death remains under investigation. No arrests have been made.

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this story.]


Anonymous said...

Since you mentioned Don Lemon I recall seeing this on TV then found it on Youtube. It's disturbing on so many levels. When you see supposedly educated men repeat the patently redundant and false "Shooters/serial killers are all white men" myth with such all knowing piety you wonder just how zombified the mass audience is to accept such idiocy without question. Jerry

PDK said...

There are two possible interpretations of reality, the one identical to reality itself, the other, a wishful thinking. The former is real the latter is illusion.

Reality is a most difficult object to see correctly, it demands among other things, responsibility and is therefore the purview of the matured, in our time; those who are the matured are the non-liberals.

Liberals on the other hand, prefer to remain immature and therefore are ill-equipped to see reality for what it is. They lack the courage of responsibility, and must circumvent reality, and do so by pretending their preferred illusion is reality.

Two visions of reality, one of them must be wrong, and so a war erupts between the immature and the matured, between the liberals and the non-liberals.

It is a war about who`s vision of reality shall be the vision of the collective, the liberals illusion or the non-liberals reality. This phenomenon is universal for humanity, and the white race is caught up in the thick of it as well.

Here in America, as well as in all English speaking cultures, at least as far as I can see, one illusion promulgated by liberals is that the white race is the cancer of humanity, a vile race that bullied one and bullied all. Further, and in particular here in America, the white race is perceived by liberals as having bullied the black race whose only distinguishing characteristic is the color of the skin. These liberal illusions, the white race being the cancer of humanity, and the only genuine difference between blacks and whites being the skin color, are in fact, real whoppers.

First, whites are not the cancer of humanity, in fact; simply weighing the good versus bad of whites puts whites on the angelic side of humanity.

More importantly here though, is the illusion of skin color being the only difference between the white/black races. That, further, if the white man would just stop bulling the black man, said black man could then raise himself up as high as the white man. He could be a success, and all would be right with the world, all would be beautiful again with the beautiful people, the liberals.

Time and again, over the centuries and in my own lifetime, this illusion shows its flaws and therefore its illusory nature. Liberals are forced to cover up these flaws, thereby covering the truth, or risk losing their illusion.

The rain may beat upon the leopards back, but it will never wash away his spots, an old, but wise adage. The reality behind this timeless adage is of course that the leopard’s gene pool produces an organism with spots, it is in the leopard’s nature to have spots and the leopard’s nature is the leopard’s gene pool.

Although skin color is also in the gene pool, it`s input on the gene pool`s product deals with physiological compatibility to environment, and has nothing to do with the in control portion of the organism, the cerebrum.

Given a particular amount of energy to work with, one may use said energy anyway one wishes, but when the energy is gone it is gone. So energy is directed, in varying amounts down different interests, producing some, very specific, product.

This is true for gene pools, where a given, specific amount of energy is directed in varying amounts and ways to produce a very specific product. A great standard of measurement for this process is r selective versus k selective strategies. Simply stated, r selective targets quantity over quality, while k selective targets quality over quantity.

It is here where the difference between a white and black are born, in the gene pools directive to go with quantity over quality or vice versa, where quality refers to the cerebrum, its size and IQ, and quantity refers to the number or offspring producible. (end part 1)

PDK said...

(part 2)

Blacks are not capable of higher culture creation and maintenance because it is not the nature of their gene pool to do so. The black gene pool`s nature is for tribal environments where replacing one of the fallen is more important than creating one of higher IQ.

No matter the amount of money spent on black education, it must necessarily fail as the black gene pool produces organisms with lower IQs. It, contrary to the liberal illusion, is not about the evil white man holding down the innocent black man, causing the loser black man status, it is about a tribal, more r selective gene pool living in concert with a more k selective, higher culture gene pool, the gene pool of whites.

White liberals are extremely invested in blacks, from their need of the black vote in our fully enfranchised democracy to protecting the totality of their illusion. Therefore the liberals hold on the collectives vision of reality is paramount to liberals and is targeted as priority number one. Never will an individual be allowed to stand publically and speak the truth of the black/white phenomenon. Always white liberals will run cover for blacks.

Further, blacks have their own problem, for they are an inferior sub-species of human in a superior sub-species of human world. In order to fulfill life`s prime directive, to continue on the sub-species, they must first parasitize the higher culture, then they must parasitize the more k selective gene pool.

Form this current reality; there are a few possible futures. I prefer the future that protects our white gene pool from the black invasion, and the one also that protects our higher white culture of a free-enterprise Republic from the liberal invasion of a socialist democracy. Thank you.