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Believe It or Not! In South St. Louis, a White Burglar-Serial Rapist is at Large!

Posted by Nicholas Stix

Two Women Raped After Leaving Door Unlocked
By Andy Banker
December 17, 2012; posted at 6:21 p.m.; , updated at 9:54 p.m.

BEVO MILLS, MO (KTVI)– There was an urgent warning from St. Louis police Monday night.

Police said there was a rapist at large after two attacks not far from the Bevo Mill in South St. Louis over the weekend.  

Police said they were looking into developing a sketch of the suspect and they`d stepped up patrols in the area.  

There were two burglaries, one early Friday, the other early Saturday, police said.  

Both crimes became sexual assaults;  one victim was an adult woman;  the other a teenage girl, police said.  

“I never leave my back door open,” said Kathy Leicht, who lives nearby.  “If you don`t feel safe in your own home, there`s something wrong.”

There was something very wrong, police said.   

One incident happened in the 4000 block of Delor Street.

The other incident  happened one street over, in the 3900 block of Walsh.  

Police urged residents to be vigilant and above all lock doors and windows.  In both cases, the suspect gained entry through unlocked back doors.

‘”he suspect came into a residence, in through an insecure rear door, was burglarizing the residence,” said Lt. John Harper of the St. Louis Police Department.  “The victim woke up, an adult, female victim, was confronted by the suspect, who demanded money, then sexually assaulted her.” 

The description of the incidents was nearly identical; same with the description of the suspect:

white male, late teens early 20`s, with short brown hair, medium build, wearing dark clothing, possibly with facial hair – a goatee; carrying a knife in both cases.

“I don`t know what I would do.  If that was me I probably wouldn`t even scream because I`d be scared,” Leicht said.

Police are comparing these cases to others to see if they may be related.  They’re urging any other victims to come forward.  
If you have information about the suspect call St. Louis Police — or CrimeStoppers at  866-371-TIPS. You may get up to a $1000 reward and you don’t have to leave your name.

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Anonymous said...

Here's what gets me and has always pissed me off. It is also something stupid white liberals need to comprehend.

When a white violent, rapist,criminal is on the loose, every white person without exception wants the criminal taken down and for his to be thrown in prison, some of us want to see rapists executed on the spot.

If a black criminal is on the loose, half of whites want him taken down and the other half want to make excuses for him to explain away his criminal ways.

Blacks see it entirely differently, the blacks see a black criminal as the victim of white pursuers and aid and comfort on shielding their brother from capture. When captured, they shriek and holler that the system is racist and unfair.

What gets me is that this holds true especially in the areas where black criminality hurts blacks most.

The idea that blacks or stupid white liberals can be brought into awareness and to see things in a proper perspective seems to be more than a little difficult. I say it cannot be done, both groups seem to be brain damaged to the point of being dangers to themselves, which is fine with me; true self destructive delusionals who want to share their joy with those of us who don't want any part of it.

Our problem is that they are far from dangers only to themselves, they pose great danger to the rest of us. This I cannot and will not accept or tolerate.