Monday, December 17, 2012

49 Black-on-White Murders the National Media Ignored

By Nicholas Stix

Daily Kenn has tenaciously compiled a sobering list of cases, most of which I was unfamiliar with. Each case is either a recent murder, or the suspect has only recently been identified or convicted of the crime in question.

At first, I felt as though I ought to have been familiar with all of the listed cases, but then considered that there are roughly 10 black-on-white murders per day in America, and the media routinely cover up each such killing’s racial character.

[A lynch mob salute to Col. Bunny at Intergalactic Source of Truth.]


StukaPilot said...

"the media"...that is, a predominantly Jewish-owned and staffed MSM. Since Jews have, via the welfare-illfare state, drug culture, and crime lobby legal system, carefully formatted Blacks to rob, rape, and murder Whites, the MSM cover-up on this daily massacre should not be a surprise.

PDK said...

I was having a couple of beers with a white neighbor; we got to talking about blacks.

I argued my point on mutually exclusive, sub-species gene pool strategies by stating the black gene pool produces greater numbers of a lower quality product and therefore is more r selective, while the white gene pool produces lower numbers of a higher quality product and is therefore more k selective.

I further pointed out that sex drive and physical sex anatomy would be larger for blacks and smaller for whites just as much as head and cerebrum size would be larger for whites and smaller for blacks.

I went on to point out that therefore blacks would have sex on their mind, to some degree, more often than whites.

He argued against my reasoning by stating his own reasoning which was that blacks always have sex on their mind because they have pubic hair on their head.

The game of life is about continuing on the species and sub-species by producing individuals/organisms from a gene pool that are more successful at the competition for limited availing resources than individuals/organisms produced by some other, mutually exclusive gene pool. There is simply a limited supply to an ever, would be increasing, demand except for the death of the loser in competition, species and sub-species.

Of the three major, sub-species, human gene pools, the most r selective, the black gene pool, produces individuals least capable of competing for the limited availing resources and therefore has, in evolutionary terms, put the black gene pool, and therefore blacks, on a path to extinction.

Just as a corporation facing corporate death hopes and pines for a white knight to save them from said corporate death, so to do the blacks hope for the white knight to save them from evolutionary death. Blacks having found whites, see whites as their means to the end, for their survival.

White liberal leaders, the progressives, the God-complexed, narcissistic megalomaniacs genuinely feel the need to parent all, and therefore push to create a flock that they can parent. Aside from the white liberal need for a black alliance in our fully enfranchised democracy to garner political power to further the advance of the total liberal, ideology agenda, they pursue an indoctrination of our young, soon to be women, white teenage girls.

Through their Gestapoed LMSM, especially through the anti-American, Hollywood elitist arm, our young, impressionable teenage girls, the new carriers of our white gene pool`s eggs, are being condition and indoctrinated into believing the false reality of black male superiority. They are being condition to marry and breed with black males.

They are being targeted for theft of our gene pools eggs, with the intent to sully said eggs and therefore white genes with black, more r selective genes. This dumbs down our white gene pool and sups up the black gene pool; this destroys tens of thousands of years of evolutionary gain achieved at such a high price by our white ancestors.

Unlike dirty clothes, we will not be able to simply wash the impurities out.

This is wonderful for the black gene pool facing its evolutionary death, but horrorifying for the otherwise very healthy, white gene pool.

So blacks not only parasitize whites in and through our higher white culture, they also will be parasitizing our white gene pool and thereby further their own continuance when otherwise they should be, would be, headed for extinction.

White liberals therefore are traitors to their white gene pool and totally disrespect our white ancestors who paid the bill of high price to bequeath unto us, their descendants, our more k selective, larger, higher IQed cerebrum that alone is capable of higher culture creation and higher culture maintenance.

In my opinion, this parasitic theft is intolerable and a violation of all that is sacrosanct in the world of our white gene pool.

Surrendering Detroit and political power is a bad thing, but to surrender our gene pool is nefarious and unforgivable. We non-liberal whites had better get on it or we will lose it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Most of those, I had not heard of. By the way, he makes a mistake by calling Eve Carson "Eve Carter."

David In TN

jeigheff said...

The black-on-white murders listed here are sickening.

The majority of the "journalists" in this country, who refuse to report the truth about there crimes, have much to be ashamed of.