Friday, December 07, 2012

Lemaricus Davidson Seeks Delay of Knoxville Horror Retrial Hearing

David in TN

Here is an attempt to delay the December 13 hearing. Note the posts by the mope called "fatherc6231860."

[N.S.: I just unsuccessfully sought to post the following retort to the mope in question.

December 6, 2012
10:56 a.m.

Willowwind2 writes:

“And all the while the victims long forgotten...and life it seems at times is meaningless for evil people UNTIL its self on the line facing death...and not a horrible death; not filled with hours of torture; a "humane death" likely not to happen for another twenty years while the victims families are tossed aside though destroyed within and without...while those who literally ripped out their heart soul suffer through a minimum of twenty years of shelter, food..LIFE...on the backs of we the people; repulsive to say the least”

fatherc6231860 responds:

“Wouldn't it be wonderful if the people in this country were more like those in the more advanced cultures of Western Europe (and indeed throughout much of the rest of the world) where ‘justice’ isn't defined as more killing?

“That way, these cases would have been over and justice done a long time ago and the families would now be at peace.

“What's more, we might also have been rewarded with the same dramatically lower murder rate as those countries without a death penalty.”

NS retorts to fatherc6231860,

Are you aware of some way to resurrect Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, while reversing the gang rapes, beatings, torture and mutilation they endured? Because that’s what it would take for their families to be at peace.

And since the families seek the execution of their children’s killers, how would having their wills thwarted, and having to watch these monsters lead lives of leisure for 60-70 years at taxpayer expense put them “at peace”?

Finally, how would granting cold-blooded killers lives of leisure at taxpayer expense “dramatically lower murder rate[s]”? Are you saying that executing cold-blooded murderers causes those who have previously not committed murder to do so, as a form of retaliation against justice, and thus that rewarding monsters with three hots and a cot, cable TV, weight-lifting rooms and all the white men they can rape and sexually enslave is a form of extortion that the law-abiding, tax-paying public must pay, in order to limit future killings?

Please explain your logic, or lack thereof.


Anonymous said...

We must also remember regrettably, that the DNA from two perpetrators has never been identified in the Knoxville Horror.

Anonymous said...

The reason the death penalty has such a little effect as a deterrent is that it doesn't work the way it's supposed to.
Once convicted and given the death penalty, a convict has tons of appeals and other ways to keep pushing up the date of execution. Years, sometimes decades will go by and the convict will still be sitting pretty in his cell. Some have even died of old age while waiting to be executed.

In this case particularly, these evil blacks would probably enjoy prison life. As you said, they get 3 hots and a cot, cable TV and all the whites they can torture/rape while they are in prison. It is sickening the way black on white crime escalates in prisons and I don't honestly understand why they don't segregate prisons by race to reduce violence. Not that I'm concerned so much about the safety of the white convicts, but just for the fact that I don't see why we should be supplying the black ones with limitless victims once incarcerated.

I guess not delivering new white victims to violent black criminals would be 'racist'. After all,the black convicts are only there because of racism and they "didn't do nothing", so it's the least society can do to supply them with all the white men they can rape. (This last paragraph was sarcasm, obviously)

Unknown said...

I have been incarcerated at a prison here in California and i can tell you one thing for sure,blacks in prison here act like scared little puppy dogs.Whenever there is racial strife and full blown riots, it is always blacks against Whites and hispanics! You could say that whites and hispanics always tea
mup and back one another!!!