Tuesday, December 18, 2012

VDARE’s Peter Brimelow Has Found a Way to Let You Help Support My Work, and Get a Tax Deduction!

Peter Brimelow has been publishing my work since May, 2004, at first once every year or two, then a few times a year, and then, in the months before Hurricane Sandy, on an almost weekly basis. He would have published me on a weekly basis, had I filed a column every week, but sometimes I just need more time. As one critic, who shall remain nameless said recently, “You retard! You take two weeks to write an article!”

I have somewhere between 1.6 million and two million words in print. Thus, I have written for dozens of editors, but no editor has supported my work as long and as generously as Peter has. Indeed, more and more editors today frown at the very idea of paying for non-technical labor.

Peter has started a tax-deductible fund to support my work under VDARE’s organizational umbrella. Thus, your money can now go further than previously, when donations were not tax-deductible. Peter then gives me the money, in addition to my column fees. Some readers have already taken advantage of this link and given generously, for which I am extremely grateful.

Please hit this link.

Thanks in advance, for your generous support!

And thank you, Peter!


Nicholas Stix

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