Thursday, August 23, 2012

Will the Election be Decided Via Storm Trooper Tactics?

By Nicholas Stix

Over at Larry Auster’s blog, Vincent Chiarello writes of Obama Storm Troopers seeking to shut down a Romney event in Manassas, Virginia, on August 11. Although there were thousands of Romney supporters lined up, and over 100 ObamaNazis showed up to shut it down, there were only a handful of state troopers on hand, and they did their jobs in a less than evenhanded way, ordering Romney supporters out of the street, while permitting the Obama Storm Troopers to block the street.

Although the ObamaNazis failed to block Romney supporters from getting into the auditorium that day, Chiarello sees a portent for Election Day. Recalling the night stick-brandishing Nation of Islam/New Black Panther Party storm troopers who blocked white voters’ path at a Philadelphia polling place in 2008, Chiarello fears they will go into areas where Romney is strong and block whites’ entry to the polls, and at the same time, flood polling places with illegal voters, and try to force the latter through, through screaming “discrimination.”

The NOI/NBPP is one of “Obama’s” allies, he and Attorney General Eric Holder conspired to subvert justice on the terrorist murder cult’s behalf shortly after “Obama’s” inauguration, and the latter had NBPP leader Malik Zuzlu Shabazz as his guest at the White House, at around the same time.

Most Americans are unaware of how often elections are decided in this manner in the Third World. For several years, while Patrick Manning and his black People’s National Movement (PNM) party were in control in Trinidad, Indian friends frequently complained to me that Manning was only able to win elections through voter intimidation by the black supremacist goon squads of Yasin Abu Bakr’s Jamaat Al Muslimeen.

The goons went into Indian neighborhoods and broadcast over loudspeakers violent threats against any Indians who dared to go vote. And though private gun ownership, except for hunting rifles, is illegal in Trinidad, Jamaat’s goons have guns—pistols, machine guns, you name it. Most Indians have only cutlasses (machetes), which while deadly weapons, are no match for firearms.

Abu Bakr is Louis Farrakhan’s Trinidadian twin, and the murderous Jamaat Al Muslimeen is indistinguishable from its American cousin, the Nation of Islam. In both cases, a genocidal black supremacist movement clothes itself in Islamic vestments, although oddly enough, the two black supremacist movements have the murderous spirit, if not the letter of Mohammed’s movement. (The article below says that Jamaat seeks to impose sharia on Trinidad; that is not my understanding.)

In 1990, Abu Bakr led Jamaat Al Muslimeen in an unsuccessful attempted coup. For this he has never been punished. The PNM has given him cover, and although he has been prosecuted on various counts, court cases against him have never gone anywhere.

In 2006, Abu Bakr was prosecuted for allegedly trying to have internal critics murdered, but when he was called to the witness stand he responded to questions from the prosecutor by interrogating the latter. Such behavior would have resulted in any other defendant being jailed for contempt, but the judge did nothing. Abu Bakr was acquitted.

Just as the NOI is a criminal empire (although it also has legitimate front businesses), Jamaat Al Muslimeen is believed to be involved in the unending waves of kidnappings that hit Trinidad about the time that Manning returned to power, and drug dealing. The other kidnapping suspects are widely believed to be corrupt policemen, a phrase which in Trinidad is redundant. It is also possible that the cops and Jamaat are working together. In any event, the kidnappings are rarely solved, suggesting the kidnappers have friends in high places.

* * *

Islamic terrorism in Latin America: The “Jamaat al Muslimeen” (JAM)
By Nicole Ferrand
March 12, 2009
The Americas Report

The “Jamaat al Muslimeen” is a Sunni terrorist organization that operates in Trinidad and Tobago. So far, it has been the only subversive group in the region to attempt a coup d’ Etat to install a sharia-based government. In 1990, over a six-day period, JAM’s leader Yasin Abu Bakr held members of the government including then-Prime Minister Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson, hostage while chaos and looting broke out in the streets of the capital city, Port of Spain.

The coup failed and subsequently, the JAM aligned itself with the United National Congress (before the 1995 general elections) and later with the People’s National Movement (PNM); the party which forms the current government. Bakr continues to lead the Jamaat al Muslimeen and authorities have re-arrested him on several occasions over the years. Bakr is currently being prosecuted with conspiracy to murder several of the group’s former members who had spoken out publicly against the Jamaat al Muslimeen and its practices.[2]

In March 2007, three members of the Jamaat al Muslimeen confessed to kidnapping, raping, and murdering of an Indo-Trinidadian businesswoman, Vindra Naipaul – Coolman. According to a U.S. undercover agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, Bakr’s group shipped heroin from Afghanistan to the U.S. via Trinidad. In June of that same year, a joint Guyanese/Trinidadian/FBI investigation culminated in the arrest of four men who plotted to blow up gas lines leading to the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. The individuals were American, Guyanese, and Trinidadian. One of the plot leader’s, Abdul Kadir, is an acquaintance of Abu Bakr in Trinidad. Members of the group allegedly met with JAM members to obtain support for their plot. Kadir is a former Guyanese parliament member. The JAM is currently under surveillance by the local National Security Agency as well as by the CIA for suspected terrorist relations with the Middle East.[3]


Anonymous said...

Here in the nation of our ancestors who built this country and passed it on to us, their descendants, Whites are being profiled. Whites are being called haters, racists, bigots, and much more. We Whites are shown extreme hatred by the media. Prominent people in this country are paid by colleges and universities to come there and speak about how despicable Whites are. Newspapers and magazines carry articles about how racist and hatful Whites are. The US government has special criminal laws that are applied only to Whites. The US government and also many states have laws that place Whites behind all other races in hiring, college placement, and other things to numerous to mention here. Whites are being murdered and assaulted by blacks and little if anything is being done about it.
So what's next?

MB said...

Remember that the situation we're in didn't come about under Obama. It came about under a long line of white presidents. Men like Mitt Romney.

Full Auto said...

Correction: only white men were intimidated into not voting. White women were allowed through without incident as can be seen on the video tapes. Telling. Indeed.