Saturday, August 11, 2012

Obama Regime and Supporters Gearing Up for Biggest Fraud Ever with Unconstitutional, Nation-Breaking Amnesty (My New VDARE column is Up!)

By Nicholas Stix

According to a report by DHS, “Barack Obama’s” (unconstitutional) amnesty for illegal immigrants who were supposedly brought here as children by their illegal alien parents could “cost more than $585 million and require hiring hundreds of new federal employees to process more than 1 million anticipated requests, according to internal documents obtained by The Associated Press.” [DHS: Deportation proposal could cost $585 million by Alicia A. Caldwell, Associated Press/AOL Huffington Post, July 24, 2012.]

(Compare a $465 fee—which most applicants will likely refuse to pay, or will get waived, versus the value of $225,000, that Randall Burns estimated American citizenship had in 2007. Obama is selling our patrimony for nothing.)…

[“The Obama Regime’s ‘Permanent Revolution’—Unconstitutional, Nation-Breaking Amnesty Will Reach Tens of Millions.”]


Anonymous said...

Nothing strange about it, the far left of his party thinks Hispanics that are low skilled are the perfect working class poor since they will always needs their kids to have free and reduce lunch programs and can turn states like Texas to the Dems since Republicans like Perry allow them to come to do cheap labor jobs for Texas business.

Anonymous said...

This is your best article yet!

Anonymous said...

I sent this message to VDare specifically pertaining to this article. Glad you linked to it here:

You know, something still doesn't add up about how the IRS allowed billions to go to obvious fraudulent tax-return applicants. I know the government is corrupt and stupid, but not this stupid-and maybe more corrupt on this than anyone has so far guessed.

In this computer age of Big Brother America I simply don't buy that the IRS and other agencies who have been doling out and redistributing our wealth to invaders don't have a record of what was done down to each individual who ripped us off. Come on, they know when we Americans are short a few nickels on our taxes and come at us viciously with force and heavy penalties to get ever penny they can from us-or else.

What I think is going on is what many think is going on in Washington DC among politicians-blackmail.

Now the powers that be have a big stick over the heads of the illegal alien tax cheats so they do exactly as their ordered=or else. Before Obama's executive amnesty all they really had to fear was a quick deportation and sneaking right back in, no big deal for them. Now that many of these criminal tax-cheating illegals won't be deported the new fear the government can use to bend them to their will is 10 plus years in the federal penitentiary for fraud, perjury, conspiracy, etc.

I am a firm believer that this government does very little by accident and I have nightmarish visions of that new "civilian" army Obama babbled about in 2008.

PropagandistHacker said...

come one, nick, obama and the dems are bad on immigration, sure, but bush et al were and are NO BETTER, or about the same on immigration. The conservatives give LIP SERVICE during the campaign and then bend over backwards on immigration after elected. At least that is what happens at the Federal level, and that is what really matters.

And really the GOP is about the same on affirmative action.

Your hero Bush said that we need mexicans because texans don't want to lay hot asphalt in august. Not for the pittance bush's rich father paid.

At least obama and the dems are better on healthcare and other stuff.

The conservatives ALREADY PROVED they are as good at selling us out as the Dems. At least the dems will spend a LITTLE bit less money overseas in wars and tax the rich a LITTLE more.