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Racist New York Daily News Columnist Mike Lupica: Evil Whites Threaten to Cost My Guy the Election!

By Nicholas Stix

[Two of countless VDARE reports by this writer on taboo subjects:

“The Obama Regime’s ‘Permanent Revolution’—Unconstitutional, Nation-Breaking Amnesty Will Reach Tens of Millions”; and

“Barack Obama’s Administrative Amnesty—Just Part of His War Against White America.”]

Mike Lupica: Talking points: Never leave home without ‘em!

Unofficial DNC flack Mike Lupica lies in his lede, and never looks back:

“There will be so many things to talk about with Obama vs. Romney from here to November, but the one that nobody will want to talk about very much in polite society, even in what has a chance to be the meanest presidential campaign for all times, is race.”

All people in polite society talk about is how much they care about black folks and other members of the oppressed. This mope Lupica won’t mix with people who don’t obsess about “racism” and poor Barack.

Lupica says that people are going to vote against Obama because he’s black. But the SOB is already president, albeit illegally! So, now, all of a sudden the same racist white folks (Lupica) who voted for Obama, will now vote against him, because they’re racist?

“Last time, there were just weren’t enough reasons for enough white voters to vote against the black guy, as much as they wanted to. This time there are plenty.”

Mike, you need to get your lies straight. How many reasons would racist whites need “to vote against the black guy.” You’re starting to sound like a cafeteria Catholic, New York version of Tim Wise. (Not that Wise is a Jew, in the first place.)

Note how Lupica’s headline editor tried to help him out, by suggesting that the former is breaking a taboo. How cute.

In 2008, Lupica’s bosses let him start pounding out the DNC talking points that were coming into his inbox daily, into mindless political columns, in addition to his sportswriting duties. (If he’s a fast typist, the additional time was negligible. Heck, he could have just dictated them.)

After the coward McCain campaigned with both hands tied behind his back and got trounced, Lupica denounced him for running a campaign of “hate.”

A few months ago, I tried in vain to find those old columns. Gee, I can’t imagine why the Daily News’ bosses would want to pull them.

In a spirit of generosity, I grant that Lupica does show occasional flashes of wit, in responding to readers’ notes in his Sunday column. Or at least he did, years ago, when last I read his Sunday column.

* * *

Lupica: Taboo topic of Election 2012
By Mike Lupica
June 7, 2012
Daily News
[No comments permitted!]

There will be so many things to talk about with Obama vs. Romney from here to November, but the one that nobody will want to talk about very much in polite society, even in what has a chance to be the meanest presidential campaign for all times, is race.

It works against the President this time, in a big way.

Last time, there were just weren’t enough reasons for enough white voters to vote against the black guy, as much as they wanted to. This time there are plenty.

And please don’t believe a single poll on this issue.

If there is one great truth about polling in this country, at least when it comes to race, is that people lie through their teeth. Mostly because they don’t want to look like some lousy, scummy bigot — even talking to an anonymous voice on the telephone.

Of course this election will be about the economy, and Obama’s record on it, no matter how much broad-daylight looting of this country went on during the eight years of Bush-Cheney.

You want to know why George W. Bush is still the only living President with an approval rating under 50%? It isn’t just because of all the Americans killed and wounded in a war built on lies in Iraq. It is also because of the economy Obama inherited from him, one nobody wanted to touch with a stick at the time.

Oh, Obama ran against the Bush economy once. But won’t be able to do it again, even though he’s sure going to try. He has to run on his own record this time, on the economy, on jobs. Does Romney have a better plan? He does not. His plan, his platform — and the reason Obama is in huge trouble against him — is as simple as Romney sounds sometimes on the stump:

He’s not Barack Obama in 2012 the way Obama wasn’t Bush in 2008.

“There has only been one real plan from the Republicans, really for the last four years,” Mario Cuomo says. “Get rid of Obama. That’s it. Now they try to convince you that whomever you replace him with will be better, even though that should be an absurdly childish and stupid and perhaps even greedy notion.”

Still: This isn’t ’08 for Obama.

It means he’s not only NOT running against Bush, he is not running against old John McCain, a terrible candidate, or Sarah Palin.

When it was over four years ago, even people who didn’t want to vote for a black presidential candidate — but did in the end — congratulated themselves on America finally putting a black man in the White House.

It won’t work that way this time. Race won’t be the only issue, not in a world of these gas prices, not in an America with this kind of unemployment. But you better believe it will be a huge issue.

Two things that nobody will want to talk about so much in the months between now and November? Race and Romney’s religion.

But race wins that one every time, first-round knockout, just because race is always the main event in America, no matter how enlightened we like to think we are.

“You know what race does in this election?” an old Kennedy Democrat I know is saying on Thursday. “It takes Mormonism off the board. Gone, goodbye. So there’s that. And here’s something else that works against the President. Romney’s not picking a bad vice-president. His pick might not be very exciting. But it’s not going to be Palin.”

Suddenly Barack Obama, four years later, is an underdog all over again. It is what he was when he took on Hillary Clinton, took on the Clinton machine, in the Democratic primary season of ’08. It is what he is against Romney right now, will be in the fall unless the economy comes back big.

Maybe he thinks that Romney’s record at Bain Capital can save him, maybe he can rally his base in an election against a poster boy for the 1 percenters in this country like Mitt Romney, whose idea of being a regular guy in a debate is making a $10,000 bet with Rick Perry. And maybe he can save himself in the debates and with speeches, because this is a President who has told people more than once,
“Speeches got me here.”

Obama got a perfect storm last time: Bush and Cheney and Iraq and the economy crashing and McCain and the lightweight former governor of Alaska. He got people of color and he got kids. Except now the kids that he needs are coming out of college and can’t find jobs.

There were so many reasons to vote for Barack Obama, not nearly enough good reasons not to vote against the first black candidate for President. Not this time.

Mitt Romney's platform is as simple as he sounds on the stump: He's not Barack Obama in 2012 the way Obama wasn't President Bush in 2008.


Anonymous said...

Just by calling others racist does not make them exception though, you are a racist..I hope you die with same misery and hatred

Unknown said...

Racism cutteth both ways

-Sepp said...

People need to understand something about "racism" and leftists.
"Racism" according to the rules of liberal thought, doesent reallly have to mean "hating anyone" since they've taken the word and revised it's actual meaning to be defined as anything they need it to mean whenever they need it to.

It's mostly used by liberals to end a losing arguement when it hits them that their positions are laughable at best and, they "get it" that they're beginning to feel as foolish as they sound.

So, out comes the leftist "atom bomb"...."You're a racist!"

The point isn't that they think you actually are one, the point of the charge is to quickly change the subject AWAY from their idiocy and place the focus on YOU defending against the outlandish claim.
It's nothing more than a sleazy tactic that when used against white people...they fall for it and get suckered into letting the libnut off his losing topic in order to defend against something that has nothing to do with logical decision making.

Mike Lupica, like many liberals, probably recognizes that Obama has been a complete failure all by himself
like most liberals he's been busy calling everything and everyone a "rayycist" for the last 4 years and, he fears honest criticism because, thats one of the things he and his numbnut bretheren have deemed "racist" and, using it now puts them in a catch 22 position.

Sadly, most liberal's need to save face at ANY cost and, admitting that they've been wrong about "their guy"...will make THEM just as "racist" as those who have correct about Obama all along.

Fu said...

I hope you die of cancer.

Fu said...

You have no grounds to call this blogger racist. You do so , as other liberals, with lack reason. America will not vote Obama in even with twice the amount of rigging of the last election. Learn to face that.