Thursday, August 16, 2012

“Barack Obama” Wants Madame Michelle to Get Paid (More) for being First Lady; Meanwhile, Her 16 Vacations So Far Have Already Cost White Taxpayers

between $5 Million and $10 Million
By Nicholas Stix

No other First Lady has squeezed America’s overwhelmingly white tax base for anywhere near as much money, even during good times. And this is the worst economic crisis white Americans—not blacks, and not Hispanics—have ever faced. Then again, it’s that way, because the John Doe who calls himself Barack Obama has deliberately made it so. And he wants a paycheck for his consort, Madame Michelle, in order to make it a little bit worse for them. Madame Michelle has likewise deliberately wasted as much as $10 million of taxpayer money on her “vacations,” because she knows who is paying for them!

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How Much has [sic] the First Lady’s 16 Vacations Cost Taxpayers?
August 9, 2012
FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the cost to taxpayers of some of the First Lady’s vacations.


Anonymous said...

Does the expense of these vacations out of taxpayer's pockets count the expense of secret service agents preparations and scouting before Mrs.Obongo and her family and retinue get there? How about the expense of guarding all these people and transporting them?
This country has become despotic with the fraudsters who are now controlling this country.
Not a word from congressional members much less an investigation. dat be racissss.

Machis said...

A million dollars here, ten million there, hey no big deal; according to the MSM, the thing to pay attention to is that she saves money by buying $30 dresses at Target!