Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Lauren Burk Murder on ID Channel

War victim Lauren Burk

War criminal Courtney Lockhart
By David in TN

On Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET, the Investigative Discovery Channel’s Sins and Secrets season premiere concerns the Lauren Burk murder in Auburn, Alabama. We covered the trial at WEJB/NSU. The episode is entitled, “Auburn.”

I checked the Alabama Department of Corrections and Lauren Burk’s killer, Courtney Lockhart, is currently on Alabama’s death row.

Previously, on this case, at WEJB/NSU:

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“Lauren Burk and Courtney Lockhart: The World is More Dangerous Than Many Want to Believe, and is Going to Get Worse”;

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“Lauren Burk's Killer Sentenced to Death.”


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dumb asses!! Dumb asses!!!! As an African- American woman I am JUST AS ANGRY & livid with what this murderer did to this precious soul! Yes, Courtney was an animal but he could have easily been white. Race is not a factor in this case...he is an animal. Plain and simple!!! How could you racist motherfuckers use God and the negative comments about a human race in the same sentence? He is NOT pleased with your IGNORANCE trust!Being an Alabama native and a person who has drove through Auburn all hours of the night, I followed this story from the beginning and have been devastated that this happened to someone so beautiful.. Courtney Lockhart was an animal, simple and plain. Color(blacks) doesn't play a factor...wake the fuck up and realize that the devil is busy and he doesn't care what color the soul is he uses!

Anonymous said...

I say it doesn't matter what race you are to go nuts. Lauren was my cousan and I don't hate black people cuz one killed her

Anonymous said...

To the African-American woman from a White-American woman, I agree completely with your insightful and intelligent comments and apologize for the rude, racial statements posted prior to yours. You are so very very right, "the devil does not care the color of your soul". Wake up people!!!

AnneT said...

I am a white female and how anyone can say that the reason Lauren Burk was murdered was because of the color of the killer is absolutely ludicrous and the comments were so nasty that I am ashamed for all of us that there are still people that are not only that ignorant but so ugly that they would turn this horrible tragedy around to something that has NOTHING to do with it. What everyone needs to remember is that a beautiful, sweet, wonderful girl's life was taken too soon by a monster for absolutely no reason. He did not kill because he served in Iraq or because he was black, he killed because he is a freakin' sicko. I read another article where everyone was upset because the Judge overruled the life in prison and imposed the death penalty. I thought "HALLELUJAH" justice was served! Yes we have laws and they should be followed but when you kill someone you should be killed. Lauren was murdered, end of story... We don't need to make excuses, defenses, pardons, allowances, or forgiveness for the monster, we just need to show sympathy, sorrow, concern, empathy, sadness, and love for Lauren and her family for a loss that should not have been. I also saw that the monster's parents made statements in Court to Lauren's parents which I thought was extremely thoughtful because they did not have to do that. They did not raise him to be a monster, he chose that. There are no excuses for killing no matter how horrible your childhood is, to take another person's life is something that only a sick and twisted mind could do, no one makes you. I am extremely appreciative that we have this forum to express our feelings because as a mother of 3, there is nothing worse than the thought of losing a child, so knowing that Lauren's parents have lived it is beyond my comprehension. I hope they can always remember the good times with her and know that even though many of us did not know Lauren, we feel tremendous love for her and wish we could change that day and the pain Lauren experienced and the pain that the family has endured. I will always pray for Lauren's family....

Anonymous said...

listen we are still dealing with the results of slavery 150 years after being freed. it is a sad,state of affairs that 7 generations of african americans have contributed nothing less, gladiator sports-or entertainment. and still they refuse to raise the children,as a race,they produce. if we are forced to suffer this, it will explode.

Anonymous said...

Silly AnneT,

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Anonymous said...

Truth is hate speech for those who hate the truth.