Monday, August 20, 2012

Barack Obama Seeks to Dispossess, Disenfranchise, and Physically Destroy White America, Just as His Allies are Doing to Whites in South Africa and

Zimbabwe (My New VDARE Column is Up!)
By Nicholas Stix

On August 16’s Day of Infamy, Barack Obama’s unconstitutional Administrative Amnesty of illegal alien invaders began processing, with minimal opposition from the GOP. It will privilege millions of criminals, and create an ever-burgeoning class of legally privileged people who are being taught that America’s laws—and not just her immigration laws—do not apply to them....

Why would Obama want to encourage lawlessness? It is because he believes in the rule of crime—as long as it is the rule of black, Hispanic, and other non-white criminals over whites....

[“Barack Obama’s Administrative Amnesty—Just Part of His War Against White America,” VDARE, August 19, 2012, at 11:13 p.m.]

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Anonymous said...

Returned to an outer borough of NYC after ~ 20 yrs away. Changes were stunning. Impossible to walk six blocks without seeing ~ 50% of all parked cars with out of state tags & registration, mainly Southern and Western states: they live here, register & insure there: no one asks anything. All contractors use illegal labor, also register their work vans out of state, and dump construction waste on residential streets in the middle of the night: no one asks.
Masses of them assemble on weekends in organized soccer leagues, with pregnant 16-yr old girlfriends and 4 other kids on the side. ICE could spent hours at one of these events, 85+ % would be illegal: no one asks.
Single-family homes get cut-up, housing 30, running this way for years: no one asks.
Anyone can see what is going on all around, can literally watch neighborhoods, 'American Life' (whatever the hell that used to be) ruined. No civic office, no elected rep, no agency, no police, will do a damn thing.
Only an idiot would think that this is accidental.