Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Chicago Tribune Hits New Heights in the Surreal: On a Page Reporting 10 Shootings by Raceless, Faceless Blacks, It Posts Only Two

Mug Shots—of Non-Violent “White” (Enough) Suspects!

By Nicholas Stix

Here is yesterday’s bizarre story, in which nine shooters wounded 10 victims. The reporters, who knew all sorts of names of victims, suspects, and gangs involved, refused to name a single person or gang.

And here are the only mug shots accompanying the story: Of two young people from out of town, a white (or white enough) Hispanic woman and a white (or white enough) Hispanic man, neither of whom had anything to do with any of the crimes on the page, and neither of whom was arrested for a violent crime. (The Tribune caption writer falsely claims that the man hit a police squad car.)

And of course, the Trib’s mug shot page reports their names and where they live. Lots of information.

The Tribune’s writers and editor Gerould W. Kern are despicable liars, when they say that there is no purpose served in revealing the races of suspects. They do it all the time, as long as the suspects are white, or white enough!

This is not the first time I’ve caught Kern and his lackeys playing this game.

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