Tuesday, March 19, 2019

If You Go to These Mooks for Food for Thought, You’ll Starve!


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David Brooks, left; David Frum, right.

Charles Krauthammer, left; Bill O'Reilly, right.

Thomas Friedman, left; Peggy Noonan, right.

John Podhoretz, left; Bill Kristol, right.

Jonah Goldberg, left; Michael Barone, right.

Linda Chavez, left; Dick Morris, right.

Leading “pundits” such as Charlie Kraut will give you writing that is low on truth quotient (TQ). They will tell you only partial or half-truths. But as the saying goes, A half-truth is a whole lie. Please support me, so that I can continue to give you the whole truth, to the best of my knowledge.

[Charlie Kraut died last year, but his writing is no higher in TQ.]

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Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

Dick Morris was at one time the # 1 man that Bill Clinton listened to. So what does that say?

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Two negro boys who "looked about to be 5 years old" sexually assault and beat a 7 yr. old girl in a McDonald's play structure. The mother has filed a 15 million dollar lawsuit.


I do not know really know that the attackers were black, that is not stated in the article nor is it even suggested anywhere that I can find. Due to the age of the perps and the victims their names and photos will not be published so we may never know what race they are.

That being said, I don't have the slightest doubt the attackers were black, or possibly Muslim. Almost every time there is a sexual assault by very young children, it's almost always negro boys. The rare exception doesn't change the general rule that this behavior is ingrained in black culture and passed along by older blacks to younger ones.

I'm not sure what "looked to be about 5 years old" really means. That can be subjective and perhaps they are trying to mitigate what happened by making the boys younger than they really are. Something they would do for diversity criminals but not white ones.

A lot of the comments are suggesting this is a diversity crime but the censors are hard at work deleting every comment that even hints at race. They vanish as soon as they appear. Mine lasted about 30 seconds before it disappeared.

There are plenty of comments accusing the woman of exaggerating or staging something in order to get a payout. Apparently it's fine to make that accusation but not post legitimate warnings to white parents that negro males are always potentially dangerous sexual predators, no matter how young they may be.