Saturday, March 30, 2019

Breaking News: NYPD Probing Rape Claim against Former Knicks Star Kristaps Porzingis

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Hours after suffering a devastating knee injury at Madison Square Garden last year, former Knicks...
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MAR 30, 2019


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Anonymous said...

This is similar to the "Derrick Rose Knicks Rape Trial" that concluded last year (not guilty).A little post-game get together and...whatever.
It's NOT similar,because Rose didn't tear his knee up the night of HIS rape accusation--a night which everyone basically agreed sex occurred.Here we have to believe,after a severe knee injury--Porzingas is going to be capable and thinking about sex.I would doubt it.
On the other hand,the Knicks probably believe it happened--because they traded him.Of course he did it--he's white.
My anti-white commercial of the day is a Wendy's ad,which I coincidentally saw on a basketball (NCAA)game.
Reality does not interfere with the plot of this commercial.
A Jap,two blacks and a white girl are at one of their homes watching basketball.The white girl tries to pick up a tray of burgers and serve them to the other ethnic types,but trips and sends the burgers flying.
Dumb white gets the angry stares of the others.Last scene shows the white girl eating a burger.
Tell Wendys,we want blacks to be dumbasses in the next commercial or it's boycott time.
--GR Anonymous