Friday, March 22, 2019

Is America Alone in the World?

By Nicholas Stix

When Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slathered on praise of theological dimensions on Israel a couple of days ago, it sounded bizarre to me, and I’m sure, to many other observers. When Pompeo reversed course and sounded threatening the next day, regarding Israel’s current posture of cozying up to Red China, that sounded equally bizarre, but put together, the two days’ statements created a carrot-and-stick scenario. Day One (the exaggerated praise) was the carrot, and Day Two (the threatening sound) was the stick.

If Bibi Netanyahu is really getting friendly with the Red Chinese, he may have gotten too clever by half.

I long considered England our closest ally, because the Brits were on our side, despite not getting any aid from us. The Germans were also long close allies. The Israelis have been allies their entire existence, but with strings attached, because they get aid from us. With the Sabras cozying up to Red China, however, and the aforementioned other countries having grown cold to us, I wonder if we have any close allies left.

Hungary? Poland? Qatar? Saudi Arabia?

Things start getting really bizarre, when one considers that one part of the Saudi nobility attacked us on 9/11, while we have been selling the country advanced weapons systems for a generation.

We’re in an age of realignment, that’s for sure, abroad and at home. While other countries have divisions among the ruling class, as we hurtle towards civil war and dictatorship, we not only have divisions between a ruling class that hates and seeks to destroy both the whites who pay for them and who alone uphold the rule of law, and the President, we have a division in the very mind of our own President. One moment, he’s an isolationist and America-Firster, and the next he’s a neo-con America-Laster.

Interesting times.

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Anonymous said...

America is alone. And probably should be. We shouldn't care what everyone else does and what everyone else thinks is best. Do what WE think is best for ourselves. Kinda sounds like Don, doesn't it.