Thursday, March 28, 2019

She’s Ba-a-a-ck! After Yielding to Terrorist Lobby and Suspending Jeanine Pirro, Fox News Yields to Patriot Lobby and Reinstates Her

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Anonymous said...

"Heeeere's Jeanine!!!"
---with a nod to "The Shining"
She either must like to be on TV or doesn't care about being dictated to/told what to say.By coming back,she has agreed NOT to say certain things that might be true,but FOX feels is offensive.Even unproven slanders should be allowed on our airwaves.
Hell,if Lesta can broadcast lies and fiction night after night on NNN,why can't Jeanine tell the TRUTH?
One more thing,Trump is coming to GR tonight.The local stations are paying more attention to protesters than the President.I hope Trump escapes this sh*thole city we call Grand Rapids, without incident.3 hours in this town is about all any white person should spend here.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Trump/GR Update:
FOXNEWS sends a negro reporter to cover Trump in Grand Rapids.Nice touch FOX.Why the eff would they do that?
Lesta at 630 meanwhile,gleefully touted Trump reversing the Devos decision to cut funding for Special Olympics.NBC DOES know which subjects to attack on:
"Trump cuts funding for handicapped people."
Their (NBC) only fun is attempting to make Trump look heartless and forcing him to,as they say,"backtrack" on subjects like this,plus orphans and homeless kittens.
"We will fund Special Olympics",said Trump.
What Trump SHOULD do is,cut the budget straight down the line--by a certain percent.That way no one can bitch.It's all fair and square.