Tuesday, February 05, 2019

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Filling time and pages. President Trump keeps talking nonsense about the border, without breaking ground, even though he could, if he wanted to, without congressional approval.

The media keep on variously manufacturing hoaxes, and serving hoaxers.

Blacks continue committing hate crimes that the national MSM cover up, while committing outrages against innocent whites, including non-existent whites.

But they’re filling time on the TV news, and filling lines in rags, so they can sell advertising, and trying to fool the citizenry.

Much of the time at WEJB/NSU, we can’t affirmatively tell you what the truth is, but we can engage in negative journalism: Telling you what surely is not the truth. We can expose liars, whether they reside in the White House, or the media outhouse.

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Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The Jessie Smollet hate crime hoax is imploding as we read this! However, police are remaining circumspect & respectful as they conduct the "investigation".
High profile cases always get their share of media pig witnesses, especially race baiting ones, and this one is no exception. There is now a witness who supposedly saw a "redneck" with a rope but according to police the description doesn't match Smollets description of his attackers. A "redneck"? You mean a white man with an actual red neck? A white man with a cowboy hat and a big sign saying: I'm a racist redneck? what does a redneck look like anyways? The only absolute I can think of is that it's somebody white.
Police are interviewing people who may be "helpful" in the case. Wow, there's a non committal statement for you. What I'm really hearing there is: OK, this ones got lots of publicity, all you media pigs out there, come forward with information and we can turn this into the race baiting shitstorm of the century!
Gotta love the "ducks in the row" comment from the CPD, another read between the lines statement that tell us: All this work is CYA when we inevitably announce there's no legitimate evidence of an attack on Smollet. We gotta "make sure" this is bogus because if something did happen and we didn't "investigate" it thoroughly we'd be decried as racist cops.
Seriously, I can only imagine the cops effort in maintaining a respectful attitude while going through the motions of "investigating" this charade. Cops suspected it was bogus from the get go and know it for a fact now but still have to go through the required genuflections to appease liberal whites and racist blacks.
So if police do their due diligence and the case is proven to be a hoax, it can die quietly because the media will suddenly decide it's no longer a viable story to be reporting on. Smollet will still be a hero to certain liberal whites and racist blacks though, they'll still claim that: Something happened to him but the racist whitey's don't care.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Is nothing sacred? Apparently to the race hoaxing psychotic racists in this Now Mary Poppins is "racist". Why? Daniel Pollack-Pelzner a professor of English and gender studies (not surprise there) claims the scenes where the faces of the characters have soot on them is now "blackface".

He specifically mentions the scene where Mary goes up the chimney with Dick Van Dyke, gets soot on her face and when she tries to wipe it off it just gets blacker. Not something that is made up, anybody who has dealt with soot knows that can happen when you try to wipe it off dry. He also points out where Admiral Bloom uses the term "Hottentots" and calls it a racial slur.

It's beyond absurd of course, Mary Poppins, on it's surface, is the age old story of an upper class lady falling for the lower class boy and the soot is symbolic of her accepting his life and it's attendant discomforts because she loves him so deeply. There is subetext of course, but it's not what this professor thinks it is.

Amazing that this Professor, for all his high fallutin' book larnin', doesn't grasp that Mary Poppins was a satire that actually supported and advanced social issues like rich vs. poor and lampooned the historical imperialism of the English empire. All issues that should be near and dear to his heart. If anything, he should be praising the movie and it's writers for the clever subtext written not only in the script but the lyrics of the songs that align with the type of politics somebody like him would usually espouse.

While I may not agree with all the underlying social issues the movie slyly advances I see how it gives the movie a certain gravitas and depth that separate it from being "just a kids movie'.

The "racist" scene in question:

Here is the song Feed the Birds. Anybody with a functioning brain recognizes that the birds are symbolic of starving people in the world that "need to be fed" by people who have more.

Here is the song "The Life I Lead" where the writers cleverly skewer what progressives might now call "male privilege":

Here is the song "Tuppence" where the money grubbers are satirized and Michael finds himself conflicted as to whether he should keep his Tuppence to himself or feed the birds with it:

As for the use of the word "hottentots", since this characters themselves are caricatures the use of the word would be a critique not a sanctioning of. You could also argue that the scenes where Mary et al have soot on their faces are symbolic of darker skinned people supposedly being relegated to lower class social occupations while the fair skinned people live in wealth and luxury. You'd think a degreed professional would have figured this all out but "Professor" Pollack-Pelzner only perceives "black face".

Anonymous said...

I worked in the backyard and got dirt on my hands.Out of nowhere,the NAACP pulled up in a Cadillac(the Jigmobile) and told me I was being a racist.
"You can't have black hands for no reason whitey!!!"
I had two minutes to wash my hands or be castigated online.I took my chances that the jigs were too stupid to know how to work a computer.Nothing happened.
I took my car to a repair shop and the white mechanic got grease on his face.MSNBC drove in,with cameras,to accuse him of mocking blacks and said he "would be put out of business unless this behavior ended."
Would anything this stupid ever actually happen?Who'd have thought the "Mary Poppins" garbage would be thought of--by a so called "educated man"--no less.
These people are mentally ill.There's mass insanity occurring in our country ,caused in part,by the constant anti-white drumbeat from media.Traitorous scum.
--GR Anonymous