Sunday, February 10, 2019

More Murder, Mayhem, Misogyny and Mexicans: Man, 27, Has been Charged with Murder for Allegedly Shooting His Girlfriend in the Head and Dumping Her Body on Sidewalk (Doing the Job that White Supremacists Won't Do)

By A Texas Reader

Sun, Feb 10, 2019 6:48 p.m.

The man has been identified as 27-year-old Wilson Rivera-Madrid. He has been charged with murder for allegedly shooting Cindi Fajardo in the head during a fight in El Corral's parking lot.

"Man wanted for allegedly killing girlfriend, dumping her body on sidewalk in NW Houston"

Detectives said on Feb. 3, Wilson Rivera-Madrid shot his girlfriend in the head and dumped her body on the sidewalk after the two got into an argument at a nightclub. She died four days later.

ATR: More Murder, Mayhem, Misogyny and Mexicans.

Doing the job that white supremacists won't do.

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Anonymous said...

Some boy friend and some girl friend. And the immigration status of both was/is?