Sunday, February 03, 2019

The Feminist Mind

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

N.S.: I’ll only add that feminazis taught their followers to glory in killing their unborn children, while supporting keeping colored murderers alive.


Anonymous said...

The "problem" for whites has always been the fact that we have a long history of working to support our families.It's in our DNA to be responsible.The current economic situation does not allow whites to work and have large families--which is needed to stop the takeover of the USA by minorities.
Whites have been forced to abandon reproduction because its not in theur socio-economic interest.BLACKS,on the other hand,have never had the stigma of working to support their out of wedlock broods--Uncle Sam has done that for decades with government assistance.Blacks continue to have multiple births with multiple partners-with white taxpayers(mostly) paying the bill
That leads me to what needs to happen to change the demographic war whites are losing.
1)A stipend(tax cut or "Cash for Kids" payout)that can be targeted to whites.For instance,a husband/wife with an income of $50,000 would qualify to receive cash while children are pre-school age--allowing mom or dad to stay home.The income level would make sure more whites than minorities qualify for the assistance.
2)Make sure that black felons serve their full sentences in prison--and are not allowed to be released early to reproduce at a frenzied pace.
This leads to my main theme--build more prisons.None of this can succeed without prisons to help keep our country safe and win the "demographic war".
Trump has to voice the problem and give solutions to what is the REAL "national emergency"--whites disappearing from the the United States of America.
--GR Anonymous--I'm a white man

Anonymous said...

That white birth rate in the USA below replacement level. Whitey be gone and for some not soon enough. Tim Wise must be happy. Damned people want and pray [most are atheists and don't pray] for such an eventuality and whitey be gone.