Sunday, February 03, 2019

Sweden: Footage of Security Officers Dragging a Pregnant Black Woman Off a Stockholm Subway Train and Pinning Her to a Bench Has Caused an Outcry in Sweden...

By Reader-Researcher R.C.
Sun, Feb 3, 2019 10:22 p.m.

STOCKHOLM — Footage of security officers dragging a pregnant black woman off a Stockholm subway train and pinning her to a bench has caused an outcry in Sweden, raising questions about the treatment of minorities in a country often seen as a beacon of tol

R.C.: Why are there blacks in Sweden?


N.S.: “outcry in Sweden, raising questions about the treatment of minorities in a country often seen as a beacon of tolerance…”

Garbage. So, if a black woman acts out of control, police aren’t allowed to enforce the law? “Outcry”: What the fake news writer means is, ‘Black supremacist invaders and their white “allies” were outraged.’

Decent Swedes were not outraged, but were intimidated out of defending the police and criticizing the suspect, out of fear of having their lives destroyed, or even being arrested.

And why would this one case “raise questions about the treatment of minorities”? After all, if one black (or 100,000) commits a heinous crime, racial socialists always order us not to draw any conclusions about blacks, in general. However, it’s always o.k. for them to condemn all whites, based on one case, even when they know nothing about it.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Some black woman flies out of control in Sweden, something we know of quite well here in the US, needs to be restrained and it's a "racist' incident. Here in the US black men regularly murder white women but it's never "racial". Here is the latest murder:
Camera footage show what appears to be several men, who appear to be negro's, "escorting" 22 year old Savannah Spurlock away from a bar. Police have tracked her to a house but have still not located her or her killers. Reports are she went willingly but date rape drugs can make somebody compliant but no necessarily consensual. Still not certain she is even dead though, she is considered "missing". We'll see what happens as the investigation continues.

Anonymous said...

THAT,N.S.,is the most concise,truthful commentary of our current lives in the world.You can't infer black behavior from the many blacks who constantly commit felonies ,but the libs do so about white behavior from ONE person.
"He's(Trump,Specter,Brokaw, is) an old,white guy--ALL white guys are racist and passe--they must be replaced."
"That white guy is a mass murderer--ALL white guys are mass murderers."(Lesta Holt infers).
But you can't say,"Blacks commit the most crimes(I've seen the evidence on the daily local mugshots for YEARS),fill up our prisons-therefore,blacks are criminally slanted."
No,it's,"Let's release these illegally arrested,racially motivated charged,innocent black saints."
Such crap.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I would expect the minority person in Sweden who rides the subway on a habitual basis is a major scofflaw. Just never pays the fare and dares the authorities to stop them. As in New York City and in other major metropolitan areas where they have the subway. Toll booth jumpers.

Anonymous said...

(THE HILL)Two Georgia Democrats are planning to skip President Trump's State of the Union address next week.

The offices of Reps. John Lewis and Hank Johnson confirmed to The Hill Thursday that they would not be in attendance on Feb. 5.

“I have a problem with defiling the Speaker’s chair in the House of Representatives,” Johnson told AJC. “I don’t want to see it lowered, as is what happens when Donald Trump comes to our floor and starts talking about groups of people, particularly Latinos, and disparaging them as a people.”

“I’d rather be somewhere else,” he added.

Civil rights hero(GRA:HA--villain to me)Lewis is continuing his standing boycott of Trump's speeches.

Lewis was also one of the many Democrats to not attend the annual speech last year.

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams is set to deliver her party's response to Trump's speech.

Abrams is seen as a rising star in the party after her contentious loss to Brian Kemp (R) in Georgia's gubernatorial election last year.
GRA:Fat,blackie woman with a big mouth is all she's got going.That's enough to be," a rising star"in the dem/commie party.
As for Lewis and Johnson--typical racist behavior by blackies.Those old,black men should be replaced by
--GR Anonymous