Tuesday, February 05, 2019

People are Increasingly Getting Shot and Killed Just Driving on Highways in and Around Chicago, but Overall, Crime is Down

By Reader-Researcher R.C.
Tue, Feb 5, 2019 9:32 p.m.

"She's always done this, she stayed away from the Dan Ryan because people were shooting on the Dan Ryan, so for this to happen, two shootings back-to-back on I-57, and her having to be one of them, is just awful," her 24-year-old daughter Jayla Shelton to

At The Chicago Tribune.

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Anonymous said...

Been going on for some time. Just on the highway itself. Exiting the highway if you are a whitey and in an area you are not familiar with is very dangerous. Don't go into the community if you can help it. Community [code word for negro area] will find you and the encounter potentially fatal.

I used to ride daily the Rock Island RR which ran parallel to the Dan Ryan for a stretch and we were subjected in the summer to a constant barrage of rocks thrown to maim. Gun shots during hours of darkness.