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Peter Kirsanow: The Two-Minute Drill on “Disparate Impact” Theory

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Peter Kirsanow: Race, Sex, and the Administrative State

Published on Feb 23, 2018

What effect has disparate impact theory had on the administrative state? Peter Kirsanow, a partner at Benesch Attorneys at Law, argues that disparate impact theory has created more discrimination, not less. As always, the Federalist Society takes no position on particular legal or public policy issues; all expressions of opinion are those of the speaker.

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
A black teacher in Portland Public School District, Mitch Whitehurst, has a long sordid history of sexual improprieties with female students, yet for decades school administrators ignored complaints by parents and students while allowing Whitehurst to continue to teach:
It finally came to a head when a fellow male teacher complained that Whitehurst "poked him in the anus". Decades of sexually inappropriate behavior against female students but nothing happened until a fellow teacher complained? How does that make sense?
I smell diversity consideration here, if Whitehurst had been white this all would have blown up years ago but cowardly administrators, like all bureaucrats in Whitelandia, are terrified of being called racist and as one of the few black teachers in PPSD, they decided Whitehurst sexually abusing underage white female students was less important than them protecting their diversity facades .
Now a judge in Portland is clearing Whitehurst's record, according to the article, it's because he's complied with certain requirements of a plea agreement.

My question is why hasn't some reporter done a major expose on him? You know, do some actual investigative reporting and then running a "front page" 10 part series in the Oregonian about this man's long history of sexually inappropriate behavior with underage female students under his tutelage. Oh wait, he's black, you're not going to find a reporter who wants to pursue a story like that too diligently. They'd rather dredge of decades old stories of white men to display to the public. I posted a comment in the Oregonian with some of those points and it miraculously seems to have passed moderation.
To be fair the Oregonian did run some articles and sort of a minor expose on Whitehurst that didn't pull too many punches but he didn't get the kind of front page hysterical features that imprints on the mind of the public, somehow there was the feeling that his story was being held at arms length and they couldn't wait to make it go away. Photos of him were always grainy and usually kind of ambiguous, white men get the clear full color front page pictures that leave no doubt that they are "white". Whitehurst never got that, if you asked the typical Portland what race he was, most would think he was a white man.
Here is one of the articles run by the Oregonian, it's the only one I saw that had a photo of him that wasn't racially ambiguous, and the information is fairly decent:

Anonymous said...

"If 70 % of those committing crime are black I might suspect that 70 % of the inmates of prisons to be black." - - Andy Rooney. Hard to argue with that kinda logic.