Monday, February 11, 2019

Media Disappeared Some More Black Alleged Serial Rapists


Aaron Rashard Steward (then 22), L, and Quentin Davon Flemons (then 19)

By Nicholas Stix

A reader at Steve Sailer’s blog mentioned rapists of “white women” on bicycles who allegedly worked (the alleged rapists, that is) in a drug store.

I tried finding said defendants, but failed until I removed “drug store” from my search. I then found the defendants, Aaron Rashard Steward and Quentin Davon Flemons, of Detroit, who were arrested in October 2017 for three kidnappings-rapes-robberies in Highland Park, Detroit, and Hamtramck.

The vics, ages 24-31, had all been bicycling. In the Highland Park case, the crimes had been committed at 3 a.m., with the vic taken to a nearby alley, where she was robbed and raped, while the others had been committed in broad daylight at midday. However, the midday crimes in Detroit and Hamtramck, all involved a van which the perps used to kidnap the respective vics, and take them, where they raped and robbed them.

About one month after the defendants’ October 2017 arraignment, the charges for the crimes committed against the vic in Highland Park, were dropped with prejudice, i.e., they could be reinstated [WDIV.]

No explanation was given for dropping the charges in the Highland Park crimes. One possible explanation is that no van was apparently used in that attack.

I tried finding the defendants since then, but came up empty.

This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered media operatives “disappearing” cases of black men accused of First-Degree, Forcible Rape.

I copied and pasted the comments.

Tami Mooney

• 1 year ago
Execute this filth or at a minimum give them true life in prison, these overly entitled cretins must never walk Free!

Mark Smith

• 1 year ago
Death penalty

Colin Heddin

• 1 year ago
Forty cents of ammo each would guarantee that they will never strike again.

Keith Kowalski

• 1 year ago
Reply to @Colin Heddin: you should move to some dictatorship then.

Steve Putter

• 1 year ago
"The woman was riding her bicycle around 3 a.m. in the area of Second Avenue and West McNichols Road "

Holy crap thats ballsy. Not saying the women deserved this because they def didnt but thats like walking thru a burning house and expecting not to get burned. Why are people hanging around at 3am in a horrible area and expecting rainbows and kittens

• Barbara Szydlowski

• 1 year ago
Reply to @Steve Putter: rape can happen to anybody doesn,t even matter age or gender or the location. nor did these 3 women out on their bikes at 3am were out looking into becoming this target of rape. these animals are nothing more then a preder of daylight and night time hrs watch the habits of people then jumps and attacks. these rapist might even just get slap on the then hands let go and re-commit the same crime again due to poor acting court system that allows these animals to run free « less

• Shawn

• 1 year ago
Reply to @Steve Putter: Maybe she works late and was trying to get home. People live in that neighborhood, including women.

• Keith Kowalski

• 1 year ago
Reply to @Steve Putter: maybe going to work?

• Keith Kowalski

• 1 year ago
Reply to @Shawn: old racists dont think about people tho.

• N.S.
• 2 hours ago
Reply to @Keith kowalski: "Old racists" Like you?

• N.S.

• 1 hour ago
Reply to @Barbara Szydlowski: What a ridiculously dishonest, stupid comment. If you were correct, there would be nothing at all that anyone could do to protect himself from rape. Second, men are almost never raped, outside of prison or jail. Third, if the vics had driven cars, instead of riding bikes, they probably would not have been raped. Fourth, if the vics had had guns and cars, they could have run down or shot the rapists dead. Fifth, the rapists weren’t stalking the vics, watching their habits. Finally, why would the court system give serial rapists “slap on the then hands let go and re-commit the same crime again”?

• Marlene Dubry Semple

• 1 year ago
Disgusting filth...

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Anonymous said...

Highland Park more persons living in abandoned homes that in live-able dwellings.