Monday, February 04, 2019

Liam Neeson Reveals He Walked the Streets with a Weapon Looking for a "black b*****d" to Kill

By A Colleague
Mon, Feb 4, 2019 4:53 p.m.

A.C.: Well, considering the fact that about 90% of them are born out of wedlock, they're rather easy to find.

"Liam Neeson reveals he walked the streets with a weapon looking for a "black b*****d" to kill" | Daily Mail Online


Anonymous said...

Hahaha,he should have come to GR-a lot to choose from over here.
Meanwhile,Ralph Northam continues to say "F YOU" to the mobs that are trying to circumvent the political system.Do a recall if you want your governor to be removed.Otherwise STFU.
I'm hoping Northam will hold tight and not give in like Al Franken did or the multitudes of other whites who have resigned unnnecessarily.
Part 2:Why do they want white guy Northam out so badly?There's a black LG waiting in the wings--who has his own accusations of sexual contact,which he denies:
"There's no corroboration to any of the charges."
But we're supposed to believe the blackie,right?
Stay Northam,stay,
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Only wanted to kill after a lady friend was raped by the negro foreign invader. Why is almost in 100 % of the instances it is a white woman raped by a colored man but not the other way around. They are just bad people? Golly! Could it be.

Anonymous said...

If the story is true, he's really changed his tune. Not that long ago he said (possibly after a school shooting) that we have too many guns in this country and they need to be taken away from us. (Can't stand the surly ape anyway. He owes his career to appearing near-naked in "Anna Karenina" on Broadway, which made the gays swoon and proclaim him an instant star, which led to the Spielberg role, and so on)

Anonymous said...

With the exception of James Woods--who is intelligent (he went to MIT) and conservative--and of course Ronald Reagan, I can't think of any actors worth listening too. Just because someone is famous and has millions (or in the case of certain businessmen) billions of dollars is no reason to suspect that any real wisdom will come from their mouths. The daily outpourings from these nitwits and dingbats proves this.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me what was the point of his confession to the world? Okay, he went about with a bat or a cosh, what ever that is. Would it do enough damage was my first though, but then, not being the aggrieved party, Neeson got religion.

I'm curious to know if he encouraged his friend to go to an emergency room, get medical treatment and/or victim counseling and did he accompany this friend to the police station to give a statement and make a report?

Or what? I think it's a made up story to get his name and face in the papers. Not being American, he didn't grow up with the bogeymen or man, so he doesn't have that edge that most of us have. Maybe if Liam took the A train that I ride to work on, he'll feel bit differently.