Monday, February 04, 2019

“Keep your hands out of your pocket for me”: See This Video of a Close Combat Police Shootout

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A long time ago, I once watched a few minutes of the TV series, Turks (1999). It was a cop show set in Chicago. William Devane played an old copper whose son joined the force.

One day, the son and his young, black partner bust three or four young, black criminals. One of the bad guys has his hands in his jacket pockets. The young white cop orders him to take his hands out. The mope refuses to follow his order. The white repeats the order, and the black mope still refuses to follow it, only now the black cop speaks up on behalf of the black mope. The white cop repeats the order, and the black mope finally complies.

Later, in the locker room, the white cop tells the black cop to never pull that sort of stunt on him again.

That was the only time I ever saw a cop show display that sort of realism.

Unfortunately, the show only lasted 13 episodes before being cancelled. Maybe it had too much realism.

Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association
✔ @MNSheriffs

Viewer Discretion Advised:

People often ask why law enforcement is so focused on people having their hands out of their pockets and visible to the officer.

Well, this is how fast things can go from being a casual encounter to a person trying to take the officer’s life.
1:33 PM - Jan 26, 2019

Ryan‏ @Wedge71 Jan 26
Replying to @MNSheriffs @addy_pez

Well trained officer. See how his first instinct wasnt to pull his gun even when the suspect pulled his gun? The officer still gave the suspect a chance to drop it before putting him down. Good work sir! You should be training law enforcement across the country.

Bart Barta‏ @AutismCop Jan 26

Sorry Ryan! This officer is lucky to be alive. The officer is fortunate that he was able to get his rounds off before the armed subject discharged his pistol. Officers shouldn’t wait & give an order for someone to drop a gun being pointed at them, before firing their handgun.

N.S. to Bart Barta: I'm afraid they are being trained that way, as chiefs submit to the Cop-Killer Lobby. Not that it's helped--it costs LEOs their lives, and the insatiable C-KL still demands ever more "retraining" (more dead cops).

To Ryan‏ @Wedge71: “Well trained officer. See how his first instinct wasnt to pull his gun even when the suspect pulled his gun?”

That’s great training, if you want more cops slaughtered and maimed.

Karen R‏ @KarenR2011
Replying to @MNSheriffs
Wonderful how the Officer was in the moment and reacted without hesitating...great job by the officer... stay safe LEO’s
Nicholas Stix‏ @NicholasStix 16m16 minutes ago
Nicholas Stix Retweeted Karen R
But he did hesitate, which could have cost him his life.
Drew‏ @Hendrew
Replying to @GondorVau @MNSheriffs @Paul_Sacca
That was criminal. He didn’t do nuffin! The cop could have also shot him in the leg instead.
7:43 AM - 27 Jan 2019

N.S.: "The cop could have also shot him in the leg instead." No, he couldn't have.

(I don’t know if Drew was being sarcastic.)

The second subject was probably the perp's son. We do not know what he might have done, had the officer not drawn on him. He might have been just concerned about his old man, or he might have been backing him up.

You don't run up behind or sideways on a cop.

Note that the folks who posted this video were careful to only show one with a white cop shooting a white perp.


Anonymous said...

"Put out that cigarette you are smoking sir." That movement of hand to mouth over and over when the cop confronts the cigarette smoker causes a problem. Keep the hands where I can see them and don't move them around. Reaction time for the cop is vital for his life.

Anonymous said...

That cop is very lucky he is alive. Very much so. And his reaction time causes the period where the bad guy has the drop on him. Not that the cop was being nice or something. Reaction time not hesitation.

Anonymous said...

The cop used wrong tactics. He need to draw his weapon and fire from the hip with one hand. Fire rapid fire style while keep the bad guy away if need be with the left hand. The cop IS lucky.