Monday, February 04, 2019

Great Web Site for Black-on-White Crime News!

By "W"
Sat, Feb 2, 2019 4:44 p.m.

New Nation News - Black on White Crime

"W": I don't recall seeing this site B4 now.

N.S.: Boy, am I ever glad you sent me this, "W"!

These guys have linked to me for years, regarding specific atrocities, and I have a general link to them on my blogroll, but I have never done anything more than that. Seven or eight years ago, I spent hours doing a copy-and-paste of an entire issue, but lost the ms., and never got back to it. Sorry, guys!

It's also possible that I got a bunch of hits from their links, but my minders at Google have refused to inform me where most of my hits are coming from for a few years now.


Anonymous said...

Atrocity is what they are too. As in war crimes egregious in nature, without reasoning except for the sheer thrill of doing the evil deed. Low intensity dirty war conflict, blacks attacking whites and doing so with relish.

Anonymous said...

There are a ton of black on white crimes on here that I was never aware of--thanks to the media imposed censorship of such crime.Any or all of these are further evidence of the massive amount of crime leveled on whites by blacks--NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.The only way to get it through the blacks thick skulls, that we've had enough,is to retaliate--either with police or vigilante/army forces.They think they have the right to attack,rape and kill white women,beat,rob and kill white men,based on the mood of the country that seems to want to avoid confronting blacks about their criminal tendencies--plus the push for releasing black thugs from prison.Blacks think they a blank check to commit mayhem--with no repercussions--and they're RIGHT!!!

--GR Anonymous--I'm a white man

Anonymous said...

These web site make for very difficult reading. Especially when you read of small white children or elderly whites being violated the killed. And for what in most cases? $2 and a cellphone the fool who took it probably doesn't know how to use. Essential that these web sites remain active. The truth needs to be told.

jeigheff said...

The web site's content is no laughing matter.

But I will say, you shared this with us just in time for Black History Month.


I have viewed NNN for years. They have the best roll-up of negro crime/mayhem/chaos/dysfunction on the Internet.