Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Finland is Offering Substantial Monetary Incentives to Alien Grifters in the Hopes They Will Return to Their Home Countries Voluntarily

Reader-Researcher R.C.
Tue, Feb 5, 2019 8:16 p.m.

Finland is offering substantial monetary incentives to migrants in the hopes they will return to their home countries voluntarily.

"Finland Offering Bribes, Plane Tickets to Migrants to Go Home"

N.S.: I don't understand why any country would pay people to leave. You tell them they're all going to be forcibly deported by such-and-such a date, and then follow through on anyone who hasn't repatriated voluntarily before then.

If you pay them to go, many will just return 6-12 months later, under a new alias, and play the same game all over again.


Anonymous said...

Give them a quantity of money so that they can live as a king in their own land without having to work. They will not be able to complain then about "discrimination". And then keep any others from ever arriving. Go back to where it once was.

Anonymous said...

All I can surmise is that governments are hoping to avoid violence and confrontation with these large groups of foreigners.Pay them to go quietly--is the plan.As you say,no guarantees about them staying away--or even leaving.

Anonymous said...

DNA testing plus other ID?

What about a sliding scale? Start with a very generous offer but make it clear this offer is only good for a few months. To be replaced with a less generous offer. Rinse and repeat until the offer equals zero and compulsory deportation is reached.

Anonymous said...

Bio-metric day as retinal scan, fingerprints, DNA, notch the ears, etc.

NO return and no more wanted a must.