Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Videos of Violent, Black Anti-Semitism in Brooklyn: “Black people have declared war on Jewish people in these neighborhoods”

By Colin Flaherty

Black-on-Jewish Crime, Violence, and Denial. Always the Denial. From Brooklyn.


Anonymous said...

Most Jews just don't understand reality. They seem to fear and hate the people who will make things safe for them--white conservatives. But they embrace the very people who will attack them--blacks--and end up killing them when they have achieved sufficient numbers--Muslims. The majority of Jews vote for leftist Democrats and favor things like importing Muslim Somalis who are a danger to everyone. Time for Jews and homosexuals to get their heads right and start supporting conservatives and opposing immigration by the very people who will kill them.

Anonymous said...

Most of those attacks I might venture are on the ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox who are instantly recognizable. Blacks generally speaking hate Jews. Jews are successful in a way blacks are not. Nor could blacks ever be so successful. The presence of the successful Jew is reminder to the negro of his inferiority?

Anonymous said...

"As long as I can worship my GOD and business is good, all else is tolerable."

Until they cave your head in with a brick. Get back to me then.

LBD said...

Unlike secular Jews, Orthodox Jews vote overwhelmingly conservative.