Friday, February 08, 2019

Another Woman Comes Forward, Charging Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Rape, Yet No Democrats Have Asked the FBI to Investigate!

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Anonymous said...

I was just going to paste this.Of course Fairfax did both women,the way they describe it.But there were no accusations at the time of the crimes,so these 15+ year remembrences are not relevant to Fairfax resigning.No proof.
However other women may come forward and put a little more pressure on the negro-that-wants-to-be-governor-so-bad- he-can-taste-it.
Without criminal charges or conviction,he should not resign--though he's just another typical nig in politician's clothing.
Sidenote:Will Lesta mention it?
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

No calls for investigation. Is it possible that Fairfax just possibly might be a little tiny bit BLACK??

Anonymous said...

FBI cannot investigate. Is not a federal manner. Unless it is a possible civil rights violation. Fairfax is a colored man so the possibility of him raping someone might be a civil rights case. But he is not the victim. Fairfax. Very old name in Virginia. Sally Fairfax was the first love of G. Washington. Could it be this modern Fairfax somehow related to Sally, perhaps only indirectly?

Anonymous said...

What is worse--who should resign?White guys wearing black face 30 years ago,or a black guy wearing a woman's white face(half white in this case) around his genitalia?
The last I knew,wearing black makeup is not a crime--no resignation.ALLEGED rape is by definition,not proven--and unless it IS proven--by a rape kit at minimum--should not be enough to make someone lose a job.It is hilarious to see blackie squirm for a change,but you see their mindset--"I'm not resigning--F--k You."
Same tactics by the BET newsguy a couple years ago.Whites should learn from this:Insinuations,accusations and 30 year old blackface pics are not enough to cause resignation.
Trump did it right in the summer of 2016,when a roster of Allred's girls lined up to accuse DJT,in the hopes he would quit the presidential race.
He didn't.No one else should either.Recalls,impeachment,elections for politicians are available to punish wayward government types.Other public celebs,like Rosanne,should be judged by her audience and Nielsen ratings.Boycotts of goods/services that CEOs produce is an effective method of forcing a change at the top--but I'm totally against a Twitter explosion that forces ANYONE to quit immediately after an incident.

--GR Anonymous