Friday, February 01, 2019

Another War Crime Victim: Dying Wisc. Nurse Found Bleeding, Frozen Beneath Crashed Car


War victim Carlie Beaudin as a young woman, above; with her husband, below


By "W"
Thu, Jan 31, 2019 11:25 a.m.

Dying Wisc. Nurse Found Bleeding, Frozen Beneath Crashed Car | [Earlier headline.]

Here is a good pix of the victim. Needless to add, the libsocoms (liberals-socialists-communists) and Conservatism Inc won't identify why she was murdered and that she is Casualty #? In the Nameless War against Whites.

"Slain Wisconsin Nurse Frozen to Ground Bleeding under Vehicle" People.


Anonymous said...

And the media unwilling to identify the PERPETRATOR. A negro man. Lester where are you?

Anonymous said...

Thus far the suspect is only being charged with one count of murder. Compare that to the routine prosecutorial overcharging in the Charlottesville motorist / heart attack victim case, or just about any other ice person who gets arrested.

That includes the double jeopardy of civil rights violation charges , which are now routine. That blatant disregard of constitution, and ancestral English common law really took off under the elder bush. This was after the LA polices officers were acquitted of criminal charges in the Rodney king case; leading to the LA riots, One reason why large capacity magazines and semiautonomous rifles are needed by taxpayers.