Friday, August 10, 2018

When Blacks Have a Lousy Job, or No Job, They Kill Whitey; and When They Have a Great Job—They Still Kill Whitey


Murder and possible war crime victim Sandor Szabo; Szabo (along with Nagy, etc.) is one of the most common Hungarian family names. "Sandor" is a also a traditional Hungarian Christian name. I originally did not jump on this story, because a friend had sent me a version from the increasingly pc New York Post, which presented the incident as one in which a drunken, thuggish Szabo had slugged someone, and Jamill Jones gallantly leapt into action, defending his neighbor. That version does not appear, at present, to be holding up. But hang around, and we may see any number of new versions.

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Friday, August 10, 2018 at 5:53:00 P.M. EDT

Wake Forest Assistant Coach Charged with Murder of White Tourist.

(News and The man killed after an alleged altercation with a Wake Forest assistant basketball coach in New York died as result of a homicide, the New York City Office of the Medical Examiner has ruled.

Sandor Szabo, who once lived in Raleigh, died Tuesday after being allegedly being struck Sunday by Jamill Jones, who was hired by Wake Forest in 2017. The cause of death was a blunt impact injury of the head, a spokesman for the medical examiner told The News & Observer in an email Friday.

Jones has been charged with misdemeanor assault.

“The death has been ruled a homicide,” Sgt. Vincent Marchese with the New York City Police Department confirmed Friday to the Winston-Salem Journal. “(Jones) was charged with assault, but now that the medical examiner has deemed it a homicide, it will be up to the district attorney and the courts to upgrade the charges.”

[Maybe. But only because the crime is so high-profile.]

Wake Forest athletic director Ron Wellman, in a statement released Friday by the university, said Jones had been placed on leave. Wellman said he spoke with Jones on Friday and that Jones agreed the decision was appropriate.

“Wake Forest University expresses heartfelt condolences to Sandor Szabo’s family and friends following his tragic death,” the statement said.

According to information provided in an email to The News & Observer on Friday by the New York City Police Department, the incident was first reported to police at 1:15 a.m. on Sunday.

Police were told a 35-year-old male had been punched by another male, and that the victim’s head hit the pavement as he fell backward. The victim lost consciousness, the report said, and he was taken to an area hospital in critical condition.

The man who threw the punch — later identified as Jones — “fled the scene,” the report said, in a white sport-utility vehicle.

Szabo, who has been living in Florida, died at 2:52 p.m. on Tuesday, the police reported.


Lesta: "What do we have tonight?"

Assistant: "Black coach kills white guy."

Lesta: "You're FIRED! NEXT STORY!"

Assistant: "Omorosa accuses Trump..."

Lesta: "Yes, lead with it."


Suspected war criminal, Jamill Jones, during his arraignment on Thursday, August 9, 2018

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Friday, August 10, 2018 at 7:25:00 P.M. EDT

Negro Nightly News changes its stripes—sort of.

As mentioned, Omarosa got top billing by Lesta Holt, with her "bombshell" accusations against President Trump, that he had used the "N" word years ago on The Apprentice—though she never heard it herself.

[N.S.: Thus, it’s not news at all, but a mere rumor.]

But then a curious shift in NNN's choice of stories to air. Lesta DID unexpectedly show the Wake Forest, black coach story—in HIS way, by excusing the homicide on "the victim being intoxicated and mistakenly knocking on the (black) coach's window."

Lesta then asked an expert what type of charges could Jamill Jones face—hinting of a lesser criminal situation.

Lesta thinks it was whitey's fault, and that's the scenario he presented to the public.

Then, also unexpectedly, he showed a black thug stopped by police, getting in a fight, pulling the cop’s gun and shooting him, as recorded on Dashcam.

This has never been done on NNN, which begs the question—has there been a backlash against NNN'S content of pro-black, anti-white, anti-white COP on a daily basis?

Yet, as I posted previously, he DID stick with a tried and true finale—which is, after a negative story on blacks earlier, he wraps with a pro-black story of a black preacher converting a Nazi skinhead to his black church. Seventy blacks in that church and three whites, including this white guy and his fiancee.

Bad white guy redeemed by good blackie.

And Lesta smiled as he signed off.

--GR Anonymous


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Lesta doesn't smile, he smirks, it's the same smirk I see on every negro's face when he thinks he's gettin' one over on whitey.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was only in Hollywood where the black has a profound effect on some white person. You know, like Field of Dreams or any of a thousand others. That guy taken in by the black Church must be as rare as a inverted 24 cent Jenny!

Anonymous said...

You're right Jerry,it's the smirk of a black used car salesman.Would YOU buy a car from this guy?
He's FOS--and I'm being kind.
As far as the white guy goes,his brain cells are not synapsing at optimal levels.His white GF,fairly attractive,is following him into this mess of a situation.When she leaves(because she's had enough),he may wind up dumping the black congregation,unless he's a male Rachel Dolezal.Extreme personality swings like this are usually symptoms of mental illness.His leap into Nazism only started 4 years ago.The future of this NNN "poster boy" looks to be a disaster in the making.