Monday, August 06, 2018

Sports Propagandist Aggregates Angel Hernandez Stories, but Refuses to Tell the Story


Angel Hernandez: Looks mighty white to me, but he’s a “person color” when being so pays race game points

By “W”

At Larry Brown Sports.

N.S.: Angel Hernandez is in his 28th season as a big-league umpire. During all that time, he has been notorious as one of the two worst umps in the game, the other being black AA hire C.B. Bucknor (who is the worst), but Hernandez’ terrible performance has not hurt his career in the least. That is because he was an affirmative action hire, to begin with. Thus, the Lords of Baseball never expected competence, let alone excellence from him. But no alleged sportswriter (with the possible exception of the Post’s Phil Mushnick) will say the obvious.

Hernandez is so outrageous that, while he in fact only has his job thanks to discrimination, he went so far last year as to assert that he is the “victim” of discrimination.

“Hernandez's suit states that none of the 23 umpires who have been promoted to crew chief since 2000 has been a minority. The lawsuit also claims that only one minority umpire has been assigned to the umpiring crew for the six World Series that have been played since Torre began working for MLB.

"‘The selection of these less qualified, white individuals over Hernandez was motivated by racial, national origin and/or ethnic considerations,’ the lawsuit states.

“Additionally, in June, Hernandez filed two discrimination charges with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

“Hernandez, who says he has seen ‘other, less experienced, generally white umpires’ promoted ahead of him, is looking for back pay, as promotions and World Series assignments feature greater financial compensation.” [“Umpire Angel Hernandez sues MLB over discrimination, treatment by Joe Torre,” by news services, July 4, 2017.]

Affirmative action is part of a process of cascading failures. One must lie about the abilities and competence of an AA recruit, in order to justify hiring him. Then one must lie about his performance, in order to retain and then promote him. Should one, at any point in the process, have an attack of honesty, look for lawsuits from he who has already been unjustly enriched, and for the AA client to seek to ruin one’s life.

Note that Angel Hernandez is himself a white Hispanic and a Cuban. I can guarantee you that he does not speak in private the way he does in this lawsuit. (Years ago, I dated a white Cuban girl who had fled Castro and the Communists.) Though they may play affirmative action games in public, white Cubans are typically privately obsessed with being white, in a way that few non-Hispanic whites could even fathom.


Anonymous said...

What the judge should say to him is,"You'rrrrre OUT!!!"
Fired,that is.

Anonymous said...

Castilian Spanish with almost [if indeed] no admixture. Sorta like a Fidel Castro.