Monday, August 06, 2018

Crime Supporters in Silver Spring Gathered Sunday Night to Fight Against Justice, on Behalf of a Failed, Colored, Would-be Cop-Killer!


Detective Anand Badgujar

The late Robert Lawrence White at home, in a courtroom

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

Protest demands justice, changes after police-involved fatal shooting in Silver Spring | WTOP

Community activists and concerned Silver Spring residents gathered Sunday night in downtown Silver Spring to demand justice and call for changes after a fatal police-involved shooting in June.

In June, 41-year-old Robert Lawrence White was shot and killed after an encounter with 32-year-old Anand Badgujar, a two-year veteran of the Montgomery County Police Department. White was unarmed.

[N.S.: If White went for the officer's gun, he was not unarmed.

Similarly, if White was crazy, the "unarmed" claim is also vitiated.]

Last Monday, the Howard County State’s Attorney’s office announced that its investigation led them to rule that Badgujar was justified when he fired at White during the altercation.

Later that week, Montgomery County police released body-camera footage that showed the encounter between White and Badgujar….

[N.S.: The anti-justice “activists,” most of whom are white, lied and said the footage hadn’t been released.]

Rally-goers and organizers expressed concern about what led up to the fatal encounter and concern about how officers treat those who have a mental illness.

[So, the decedent was crazy, and because of that, the officer had a duty to die.]

“The officer said something like this may be a suicide-by-cop thing,” said Carlean Ponder, with the Silver Spring Justice Coalition, about the recently released police body-camera footage. “But at no point do we see the officer engaging any de-escalation techniques. Instead, we see him chasing (White) with his gun drawn.”

[I know for a fact that the officer used de-escalation techniques: The perp is dead, isn’t he?]

Ponder said the first step toward justice would be to terminate the officer who shot White.

“An officer who decides to approach someone based on the clothing that they’re wearing, when that person is not known to be involved in a crime, is not one that I think should be on the force,” Ponder said.

Another concern expressed at the rally is the need for more officers who are familiar with the people in the communities where they serve.

N.S.: So, enforcing the law is dependent on the respective identities of the perp and lawman? That’s the opposite of the rule of law. Justice may require that lawmen dig up Robert Lawrence White and … kill him again!

PGC E-P: The decedent went for the cop's gun.

And guess what?

He's still dead!


Anonymous said...

The quirkiest damn thing is last week,a white retiree named Black was mistakenly killed by police in Colorado,while in Maryland,a black guy named White,who wanted to kill a lot of cops is wisely eliminated from committing future crimes.
White guys are named Black and blacks named White.Almost 100% accuracy. Go figure.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"the need for more officers who are familiar with the people in the communities where they serve."

Negro officers. We just need more negro officers. All police forces should have negro officers patrol in negro areas. Leave the whitey officer alone.