Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Diego Corzo, Who Owns Nine Homes and Runs His Own Realty Business, Paid $33,000 in Taxes Last Year: After Court Wins, Illegal Aliens Worry a Texas Judge May Rule against DACA

By A Texas Reader

"'I paid $33,000 in taxes last year,' a 27-year-old DACA recipient in Texas said, as the state went to court to stop the immigration program."

ATR: Rest assured that all of his clients are fellow Hispanics, and all of his clients have American (sic) children who are on the dole.



Anonymous said...

And so the amount of tax you pay allows you to break laws with impunity? I wonder if any documents as part of his business he signed were contained a statement about citizenship or legal status and were sent through the mail. Sending perjured documents through the mail is a federal crime.

Anonymous said...

...and then there's these fine examples of immigrants,blending into America--to kill us!!!: