Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Ann Coulter on Journalists

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“Most journalists are so stupid, the fact that they are also catty, lazy, vengeful and humorless is often overlooked.” - Ann Coulter


Anonymous said...

Herself included on those charges she levels on reporters in general?I thought not.She cracks very few jokes,when I see her.
I like her attitude of course,but who knows if she's nuturing a fake persona,in order to attract readers and most importantly,book sales.Guess I'm in a cynical mood

Nicholas said...

Ann is brilliant, extremely hard-working, and much funnier than most people who are paid millions to be alleged comics. (Of course, the last isn’t saying much in an age of humorless “comics,” but she is a very funny lady. But she avoids trying to force humor in inappropriate situations.)

Having seen her in multiple venues, including watching her on TV and in Youtube videos, met her a few times, and corresponded with her, I can say that if she’s cynical, she’s a world-class actress.

Ann has also taken some big risks, which a cynic would not have done. (E.g., her 9/11 column, her early backing of Trump, etc.)

(Full disclosure: We are very friendly acquaintances, though I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re friends. And I have occasionally criticized her.)

David In TN said...

When Ann calls journalists stupid, catty, lazy, vengeful, and humorless, she's being too generous.

Many years ago I read somewhere that famous comics tend to be humorless men.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that Ms Coulter has those qualities you mention.The only other person I would put in the same high level of political conservatism is Pat Buchanan--who could just as easily throw a good natured joke (as I remember the discussions on "The McLaughlin Group")out to the panel,as well as a few sober facts at the proper time.
I'd vote for either one for POTUS.