Saturday, December 30, 2017

It was so cold this morning... (Comic Photo)



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Anonymous said...

The media is so stupid this morning...
that a laugh track is played after each story is read.
What gets me is the constant barrage of "no terrorism can happen here"crappola.
Today is the New Years Eve propaganda push.
Various reporters are sent out to interview "random" individuals who all say,"We won"t live in fear and allow the terrorists to win."
I'm still waiting to see the first person to be allowed to say--on air--"I'm not totally confident that 5,000(or whatever the number is) police can control a million people in Times Square and keep me safe."
Or,"I'm not going down there--we've had several terrorist attacks lately and I will not risk it."
Maybe some people actually say that--but they will never make it on TV will they?Unpatriotic I guess.Not good for the businesses for people to be wary,I get it,but please--don't tell me everyone is 100% sure that nothing will happen,because if a thousand casualty event does occur,the liability of a terrorist incident would fall on media and government equally.
And the terrorist WILL have won after all,because we denied the possibility of such an occurrence.

--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

One more,taken from my GR Press sports section:
Category--Black sports crimes covered up OR "Catch the Black Lie".
Detroit Pistons (black)guard Avery Bradley entered into a confidentiality agreement with a woman who accused him of sexual assault,according to TMZ Sports.
The alleged incident occurred on May 28,2017 while Bradley was playing for the Boston Celtics.The woman claimed Bradley sexually assaulted her while she was passed out drunk.TMZ reported that negotiations got as high as $400,000,but the final settlement was unclear.
Bradley's attorney vehemently denied all wrongdoing and only entered into the agreement "to prevent false information from being made public."
Bradley's attorney,Brian Wolf of Lavely and Singer told TMZ,"Mr Bradley totally denies the validity of all allegations and any wrongdoing.The confidentiality agreement specifically refutes and denies the validity of all allegations of all wrongdoing.The sole purpose of this agreement was to protect the privacy and reputation of Mr.Bradley and his family.My office will take all appropriate actions against all persons who wrongfully broke this disclosure agreement."
Anything iffy here?Total denial by the lawyer.How about the fact that Bradley was whooshed out of Boston--traded to Detroit unceremoniously after this alleged event.THAT speaks louder than any lawyer.
--GR Anonymous