Thursday, May 07, 2015

Today, Even 5 Percent of Blacks in a Community Gets You Race Hoaxes, in-Your-Face Black Racism, and Shakedowns


Bloomfield Hills, MI race hoaxer Phoenix Williams

The hoaxer’s accomplice and mother, Shanari Williams



Stan Mute said...

Bloomfield Hills is a VERY affluent area where auto execs and execs from suppliers live in multi-million dollar homes. Bloomfield has some interesting rules however that cops and teachers must live IN the town so there are a couple lower income housing apartment complexes. Thus you have the VERY rich and the lower middle class (limited in number) with not much in between. One of the two public high schools was fully carpeted at one time (Bloomfield HS). Bloomfield is also home to perhaps the best private school in the state - Cranbrook and sister girls school Kingswood - on a large wooded campus. That these sort of agitators show up in Bloomfield is a pretty significant development really.

Anonymous said...

She's an affirmative action beneficiary. She "works" in financial services. She was only hired because the financial services industry is heavily regulated by the federal government, and so must comply with all the racial profiling (cough, cough - affirmative action) initiatives mandated by Uncle Sam. - Prince George's County Ex-pat

Anonymous said...

Phoenix is one step away from wearing the bow time and becoming a dues paying member of the FOI! So from that appearance and look I surmise.