Thursday, May 07, 2015

Grim Sleeper Serial Killer Court Case Update: Los Angeles Blacks Exclusively Blame Whites for Black Killer’s Murders

By David in TN

As of now, the trial is scheduled to begin June 29.

This month HBO is running a film titled, Tales of the Grim Sleeper. The British filmmaker blames the "indifference" of the LAPD and whites in general, rather than Lonnie Franklin himself.

There are numerous half-truths and evasions. One, there were at least five serial killers operating in the area with similar MO's. Two, L.A. law enforcement spent considerable time and taxpayers’ money on the case.

The film is mainly black residents of the area railing against the LAPD and "whites" in general. They seem to have relatively little ire against the perpetrator.

One woman attacks the LAPD for not solving the case, and then brags about telling her children not to "snitch."

As usual, no sense of irony. Nor is there any mention of the quasi-official line of "There are no black serial killers."


David In TN said...

And in still another irony the director of "Tales of The Grim Sleeper" left out of his film, John Floyd Thomas, the so-called Westside Rapist," was caught in a DNA sweep designed to find the Grim Sleeper.

Thomas was arrested in 2009. Lonnie Franklin was arrested in 2010 due to familial (his son) DNA, something liberal politicians and media types had fought tooth and nail.

The LAPD called for all sex offenders who fit the general age (and race) description to give their DNA. Thomas did and while he wasn't the Sleeper, Thomas' DNA did match the killer of elderly white women over a 30 year period.

If the LAPD hadn't been searching for The Grim Sleeper they wouldn't have caught Thomas, whose murders HAD been forgotten.

I checked a few days ago and John Floyd Thomas is incarcerated at Corcoran.

None of this is in this much-praised but not especially informative film.

Anonymous said...

When have blacks not blamed YT for everything? Their taking responsibility for anything would be the real news story.

David In TN said...

The defense attorney is apparently going to use the HBO film to cast doubt on the testimony of some witnesses. Why is this a surprise considering the film is more critical of the LAPD than the perpetrator?

David In TN said...

Christine Pelisek has a piece on the Grim Sleeper case in the current People Magazine. She reports the LAPD did get a lot of tips. They were from women who thought their boyfriends or husbands were the Grim Sleeper.