Monday, May 11, 2015

Keepin’ Up with the McCurdies: Brother of Subway Worker Who Celebrated Mississippi Cop-Killers Now Making Death Threats on Social Media Against Her Critics

By Nicholas Stix

For the McCurdy family, “freedom of speech” is as one-way street that runs for racist black criminals, but definitely not for decent, law-abiding whites. These are “Obama’s” people.


Previously, on this fine, upstanding, U.S. family, at WEJB/NSU:

“Black Subway Worker Celebrates Murder of Two Mississippi Cops; Subway Says, ‘You’re Fired’!;

“Keepin’ It Real, Yo: Meet Melaniece McCurdy, Who Proudly Defends Her Sister, Sierra, the Mississippi Subway Worker Who Celebrated the Murder of Two Policemen (Language Alert)”; and

“The Mug Shot for Melaniece McCurdy, the Foulmouthed Sister of Subway Cop-Killer Fan, Sierra McCurdy.”

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