Monday, May 11, 2015

Is “Famous Jameis” Winston—Thief, Narcissist, and Alleged Serial Rapist—a Perfect Example of Richard Lynn’s Theory of “Race and Psychopathic Personality”?


On Draft Day: Top o’ the world, Ma!

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

Interesting how this sick psychopath needs constant babysitters and handlers while continuing his deceiving criminal behavior.

Nicholas said...

Yeah, what are they gonna do--hold him prisoner whenever he's off the field? Next thing you know, he'll sue his own team for "racism."

As you suggested, this whole regime of babysitters is an unwitting admission that the Bucs believe that the rape charges are true.

BILLY DIRT said...

If you read a list of diagnostic indicators for psychopathology, you find a nearly perfect one-to-one correspondence with the traits typically exhibited by urban blacks. It's eerie.

Anonymous said...

See the article,Prosecutor has message for victims of sexual assault at Notre Dame.The prosecutor does not believe that a victim of sexual assault should go to the campus police, but directly to the police.