Monday, May 11, 2015

Black Subway Worker Celebrates Murder of Two Mississippi Cops; Subway Says, ‘You’re Fired’!


Meet Sierra “C-Babi” McCurdy

By Nicholas Stix

This won’t have any effect on my relationship to Subway. They serve lousy sandwiches that leave me hungry. Twenty years ago, I bought one in the Far Rockaway, Queens. I even paid an additional dollar ($2, adjusted for inflation) for extra meat, but when I’d finished the sandwich, I was still hungry.

I suspect that Subway pioneered the method of teaching employees to fill the meat from the middle of a hero outwards, to make it look like it’s bursting with meat, when in fact it contains very little.

On the morning show Good Day New York on Fox5 a couple of years ago, co-host Greg Kelly exposed Subway (which was obviously not a sponsor) for fraudulently selling “foot-longs” that were only 10 or 11 inches long.

A tip ‘o the hate to Donald Joy.

At the New York Post.



Anonymous said...

I thought this was negress subway worker in Mississippi. The underground railroad being the subway of which they have zero in Mississippi. But this was NYC. Of course.

Anonymous said...

A foot-long pile of dough before it is placed in the oven. Don't you know.

A foot-long if you count the meat sticking out the ends of the sandwich. Don't you know.

Sort of like the quarter-pound of beef BEFORE cooking. Don't you know.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to eat at Subway 365 days a year. Too many turd world folks who could care less about food safety and hygiene are running it. Last time I went to a local Subway it had gone from a white owned establishment to people from India in charge. After receiving a rancid veggie burger sandwich, I ended my trips to Subway. Their GMO food is barely edible.The vegetables often look wilted. The bread is tasteless. They don't give enough napkins, which is so cheap.Subway Sucks!