Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stanley Fischer for President!

Stanley Fischer is the governor of the bank of Israel. Could he play the same role here? (Simon Dawson/Bloomberg)

Pic from 2013 (Simon Dawson/Bloomberg)

By Nicholas Stix

Fischer meets the three current unofficial requirements for the office:

1. He’s ineligible, based on his having multiple citizenship (Zambia or Zimbabwe--reports conflict, Israel, and America);
2. He’s disloyal to America; and
3. His ideas and intellectual influence are FUBAR!

The only problem, at present, is dislodging the office’s current ineligible occupant.


Anonymous said...

Northern Rhodesia is now Zambia. Southern Rhodesia is now Zimbabwe. Where exactly Fischer was born is subject to debate? NOT in the U.S., that much is clear.

Anonymous said...

It is not so much that Fischer was OFFERED THE JOB IN ISRAEL. It was that he also became a citizen.

As a Jew he was entitled to automatic citizen ship as an Israeli the moment he landed at the airport.

Anonymous said...

There was the case from many years ago where the economic cabinet minister in Israel only a couple of days into office merely suggested that the value of the shekel be pegged to the value of the dollar. Within a couple of days the man was gone, forced to resign.

Anonymous said...

Whether the man is talented or not talented or loyal or not loyal is not so much the question but after a ten year or more hiatus from the U.S. there is not one qualified other American that can be appointed to the position that does not have the dual allegiance issue?

Anonymous said...

This appointment should be rejected out of hand without even comment or discussion.

Anonymous said...

The Israeli submariners [their subs perhaps carrying nuclear weapons] have one and all been told if they are dual citizens they must reject the foreign citizenship and deny.

The Israeli know and insist where THEIR loyalties should be.

You response Mr. Fischer?

countenance said...

I bet by now Steve Sailer knows more about Stanley Fischer than Stanley Fischer knows about Stanley Fischer.

Extropico said...

The Imperial Obama is really just a purchased poodle. He knows who will be paying for his speaking and book tours after office.

There are so many natural born Americans who can do the job that dual loyalists want to do.