Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Seahawks Beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, and Will Face the Broncos in the Super Bowl; Hawks’ Richard Sherman Wins Schmuck-of-the-Game Award; Encouraged by White Uncle Tom Terry Bradshaw

The pride of Compton, Richard Sherman

By Nicholas Stix

It was a nailbiter. With 22 seconds left, and the Seahawks leading the 49ers 23-17, the 49ers had the ball. The 49ers’ crazy legs QB, Colin Kaepernick, threw the ball to his most sure-handed wide receiver, Michael Crabtree, in double coverage in the end zone.

Michael Crabtree

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman, who already had one end zone interception in the first half, tipped the ball in the air, and linebacker Malcolm Smith caught it, to end the game.

But that wasn’t enough for sore winner Sherman, of racist black gang capital Compton, who taunted Crabtree, getting in his face and insulting him until Crabtree pushed him away, whereupon Sherman pointed at Crabtree, trying to get the refs to throw a flag on the latter. The refs didn’t fall for his routine, and flagged Sherman.

Apparently, Sherman had also patted Crabtree on the butt, which was not meant in a friendly way.

About a minute later, Fox’ female sideline reporter Erin Andrews interviewed Sherman, who screamed like a banshee.

Andrews: Richard, let me ask you, the final play, take me through it.

Sherman: Well, I’m the best corner in the game! When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree that’s the result you goin’ get! Don’t you ever talk about me!

Andrews: Who was talking about you?

Sherman: Crabtree. Don’t you open your mouth about the best, or I’m a shut it for you real quick! LOB!

In order to save Sherman from further embarrassing himself, Andrews returned the discussion to the hosts.

“And Joe, back over to you.”

Given that Sherman is allegedly a Stanford graduate, that entire athletic program is now under suspicion of academic fraud.

Richard Sherman is not shy. And he doesn’t enjoy being talked about.

Steven Bisig/USA Today Sports

Many commenters thought Sherman exhibited “‘roid rage.”



Upload by backone; a tip ‘o the hate to Bob Raissman.

Erin Andrews sexy
Erin Andrews


But the hosts then added to the stupidity, by further encouraging Sherman.

Terry Bradshaw Talent Image
Terry Bradshaw, who in 1999, at the height of the racial profiling hoax, complained tearfully on air at Fox of "the racial profiling of black quarterbacks"

At the presentation of the NFC championship trophy, white Uncle Tom Terry Bradshaw handed the trophy to Sherman, and told him to run around the stadium with it, and someone from the crew then invited Sherman to sit with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson for further postgame interviews at the Fox Sports desk by the field.

Michael Strahan to Sherman: I think you scared Erin Andrews, you scared her half to death.

Sherman responded, “I’m a competitor,” and reiterated, in less hysterical fashion, his previous complaint about Crabtree talking trash.


Anonymous said...

You can take the cornerback out of Compton...

Anonymous said...

Compton Cookout. Lots of fried chicken, forty ouncers of malt liquor and rap music.

Anonymous said...

You just gotta know where they are coming from.

Once you get to know them they are OK.

Just be cool around them.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch sports anymore and have not for a long time.

It is not pleasurable for me to watch one team of negroes chase another team of negroes up and down a field or a court after a ball.

And then dunking the basketball and hanging from the rim like an ape afterwards, or spiking the football and doing a sexual dance after scoring a touchdown.

Anonymous said...

Stanford? Well, I guess they must have some too. Nicholas is right, look at the sports program of that school.

I think some time ago it was concluded that nation wide only Notre Dame and Duke kept academic standards high for athletes. Those two alone of all the major school.

Anonymous said...

Phyllis George. Went into the locker room AFTER the game and had the negro athletes shake their private parts at her.

She said she did not know it would be like that.

Guess again.

Anonymous said...

This Richard appears to have left the human race behind.

That is a typical negro pose too.

Big mouf wide open agape, yelling some obscenity to the whole world, braids, vey threatening.

countenance said...

To be fair, Michael Crabtree is the same kind of jerk. So I really don't find either man at fault more than the other. Nor do I much care.

countenance said...

Another thing.

Richard Sherman has no power.

Andrew Cuomo is the Governor of a state.

To me, Cuomo relatively mildly saying that we are not welcome in his state is far more offensive than some jock hopped up on his competitive juices beating his chest over how he got the better of another jock over some personality feud between the two of them that started at some charity golf game.

Andrew Cuomo has de facto and implied power over people with badges and guns. Richard Sherman doesn't. I can turn off Sherman, I can't turn off Cuomo if I was in NYS.

Anonymous said...

I caught a bit on the news that tried to do a little character defense of Mr. Sherman. Reportedly he is active with various benefits and "charities" and got straight "A"'s in High School.
All these athletes have agents that set them up with photo ops with sick kids, widows and orphans and such, how much they really care about people less fortunate than they only the good lord really knows, so I take that with a big grain of salt.
As for his straight "A"'s in high school that's an indication he's probably not completely retarded, that is he can go through the charade of being a athlete "student" reasonably well.
However, when I think of what a high school in Compton must be like I think of Howard Stern's description of being the lone white male in an all black high school. The first reading book they studied in class was about one step up from "Dick and Jane" and called "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and he was the only one in class that could even read it. His comment was then: I was an average student (in white schools) but in Roosevelt I could have been the valedictorian.

Bottom line is: If you act like an idiot that's likely what you are.

Anonymous said...

RE: Da Supa Bow
My question of the day: What self-respecting white man would CARE about ANY feetsball game? Sports (bassetbah and feetsbah) has become nothing more than a tool of the cultural Marxist to demean and destroy traditional America and Americans. If I won’t allow a gold grilled thug into my home, why would I allow it on my television? If you wouldn’t let your wife or daughter get into a car with a few dreadlocked hoodlums, why are you helping fund their promotion and advertisement by watching this garbage? And “college” affaletix and affaweets are WORSE. To call them “students” is a mockery of higher education when at least half of them can’t even read at a junior high school level. Yet you watch and cheer when these illiterates run around with a ball on behalf of Stanford or University of Michigan or Northwestern? YOU are a BIG part of the problem. When the USA becomes Brazil, look directly into your mirror and give a big cheer! Go Stanford! It would make more sense to have these sports as PRISON teams than college teams. Go San Quentin Rapists!

Stan D Mute