Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baltimore Hate Crime: Diversity Brick Attack on Leftwing Baltimore Sun Editor Leaves Victim Near Death

City police announced Friday afternoon that officers have arrested Mustafa Eraibi in connection with the beating and robbery of a man walking in Canton last week.
City police announced Friday afternoon that officers have arrested Mustafa Eraibi in connection with the beating and robbery of a man walking in Canton last week.

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Uh oh.

Toyota Prius?

Is the victim a liberal?
My initial response, before reading the article was: I’m not sure this counts as a crime.

In 1993, a Manhattan prosecutor named Kunkel told me in so many words that a scissors attack by a black girl on a working-class Jew didn’t count as a crime, and that the Jew was guilty of a crime for luring black girls into attacking him. Yes, I realize how surreal that sounds, but when you’re white and working-class (and yes, a Jew), dealing with the criminal justice system and the police is surreal.

Now that I see that the perp beat Jon Fogg almost to death, I’m not feeling quite so glib. I hope that Fogg recovers, but I also hope that he changes his attitude towards diversity crime, and becomes more sympathetic to white crime victims, and not just the racial socialist ones.

I don’t understand the line, “a man who implied he was armed.” A brick is a deadly weapon. The line would only make sense if the perp was unarmed, Fogg handed over his wallet and car keys, and the perp then saw the brick, and started beating Fogg. In any event, this was attempted murder and a hate crime, though I’m sure it won’t be treated as such.

Police Make Arrest in Canton Brick Attack

Friday, January 24, 2014
WBAL Radio and WBAL-TV

City police announced Friday afternoon that officers have arrested Mustafa Eraibi in connection with the beating and robbery of a man walking in Canton last week.

Jon Fogg, an editor for The Baltimore Sun, was walking in the 3400 block of Foster Avenue in Canton around 2 a.m. Jan. 14 when police said a man who implied he was armed robbed him and hit him several times with a landscaping brick.

The assailant made off with Fogg's car, wallet, laptop and even Christmas gifts still packed inside his Toyota Prius, police said.

Fogg suffered severe injuries, including skull fractures, broken bones and teeth.

"He has six skull fractures. He's missing about eight to 10 teeth that were knocked out. He has fractures in his hands," said Fogg's sister, Melissa Castone.

Castone said the focus is primarily on her brother's recovery. After the attack, she set up a page on the Go Fund Me website, and in four days, more than 600 people donated nearly $24,000.

On Fogg's personal website, he wrote that he wants to make sure his attacker doesn't hurt anyone else.


Chicago guy said...

What kind of name is Mustafa Eraibi? Is this some sort of imported diversity or a homegrown one with an assumed name?

Anonymous said...

A brick. Blacks like bricks.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of diversity attacks on black racist sympathizers. I'm sending a link to a video in which Howard Stern interviews Bill Maher, Mr. Maher describes a story where he was sucker punched by blacks in a movie theater. Being a PC (title of his former talk show notwithstanding)liberal Mr. Maher only uses the code word "teenagers" and does not mention race though Howard and a caller do. This is the kind of incident that racist blacks and their white sympathizer lackeys would interpret as provocation from the white man. You just have to listen to it for yourself. If you don't want to listen to the whole thing Mr. Maher's story begins at the 5:15 mark. Jerry from PDX

Anonymous said...

Too bad The Baltimore Sun doesn't make the writers of editorials put their John Hancock on them for all to see.

It would be priceless to see which editorial authors constantly attacked gun ownership before succumbing to the diversity they constantly advocate for the little people!

Anonymous said...

All the sources so far have been Mr. Fogg himself or the SUN. Other sources say,a) Mr. Foggs version might be lacking some details. b)The injuries were embellished,Mr. Fogg was not nearly beaten to death. c) Mr. Fogg and family have not been accurate in what his medical insurance covers in regard to oral reconstruction. d) Mr. Eraibi's appearance is distinctive enough that Mr. Fogg should have been able to provide a more complete description.
I would like to see every thug off the streets of Baltimore, but some issues in this case don't add up.

Anonymous said...

I guess I lack your compassion. I look at events like this where racial socialists are administered the result of their treason and I rejoice. I am elated. I wish it would happen to ALL of them and if I were in a position to stop it, I'd put my hands in my pockets and smile.

Consider all the innocents who have been beaten, robbed, raped, and murdered as a direct result of this guy's actions and tell me he doesn't deserve much much worse.

Stan D Mute