Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!



By Nicholas Stix

It is fit and proper that the biggest statue in Washington, D.C. should be of that man. For it reminds Americans that they are a subject people, living under a racial-socialist dictatorship. One sign of progress will be when that monstrosity is either blown up, or toppled, the way statues of Lenin were toppled in the East Bloc in late 1989 and early 1990, following the fall of the Berlin Wall.


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Most days when I sit on the "John", the toilet, I end up flushing a Trayvon and a Martin. Today however, I think I shall flush the big one, the MLKer.

Always I realize the importance of washing thoroughly after flushing. For when flushing a Trayvon Martin or an MLKer, cleanliness is the only means to Godliness. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Martin Luther King Junior is a fraud from his name to that gross monstrosity of a statue. One forensic scientist who studied "Kings" writings and speeches said he found it hard to find anything in King's writings or speeches that king had not purloined from someone else.

Anonymous said...

I had totally forgotten it was MLK Day and did not watch TV once as I was traveling and that I was oblivious to the event. How callous and unthinking of me. I must need to attend a re-education camp and have some truth placed into my head.

Anonymous said...

They need to rename it "James Earl Ray Day" for a truly great American.