Monday, September 30, 2013

The Journal News, the Same Gannett Paper That Terrorized White Legal NY Gun Owners by Publishing Their Names and Addresses, Turned a Black-on-White Attempted Murder by a Racist Black Man into an “Accident”

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News flash: You can be crazy and evil and racist.

How come we never hear of these colored psychos pulling this sort of stunt on their own kind?

The propaganda involved in these cases always either implies or says outright that these attacks are like natural disasters that either couldn’t be prevented, or could be, if only Republicans paid the necessary money for treatment of schizophrenics. The advocates also typically tell us that schizophrenics are overwhelmingly “non-violent” (i.e., non-evil). If that’s the case, then how come we keep hearing of these attacks?

By far the best reader comment on this story, or any story I’ve read the past week or so was by Jonathan Walder.

Maimed innocents are the tax we pay to live in a liberal society. And savages like Howard Mickens are the tax collectors.

Man charged with attempted murder after woman pushed in train's path in White Plains (videos)
September 25, 2013
The Journal News

Suspect accused of pushing woman under train in cu...: Howard J. Mickens of White Plains, is driven from the MTA police department in Mount Vernon. Mickens is accused of pushing a woman to the tracks in front of a train at the White Plains Metro-North station.
Written by Ken Valenti and Lee Higgins

Howard J. Mickens, 39, of White Plains, sits in a police car as he is driven from the MTA police department in Mount Vernon Sept. 25, 2013. Mickens is accused of pushing a woman to the tracks in front of a train at the White Plains Metro-North station earlier in the day.

WHITE PLAINS — A homeless man with a lengthy rap sheet was charged Wednesday with attempted murder after being accused of pushing a woman in front of a train at the White Plains station, railroad officials said.

The woman, who is in her 20s, was struck by an empty northbound train and suffered “serious” leg trauma, officials said.

She was interviewed by Metropolitan Transportation Authority police at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, where she was scheduled to undergo surgery.

The MTA identified the suspect as Howard J. Mickens, 39, who lives in a White Plains shelter. He was charged with attempted murder, railroad spokesman Salvatore Arena said.

“Our police were on the scene and made a quick collar,” Metro-North Railroad spokeswoman Marjorie Anders said.

According to MTA police, Mickens has 11 previous arrests, including five that were described as alleged violent felonies. He has several convictions, but officials could not provide an exact number.

Mickens was arraigned Wednesday in Westchester County Court, Arena said, and was being held at a detention center.

The accident [What accident?! Nice try at confusion.] was reported about 11:10 a.m. Witnesses said they saw the woman being pushed, Anders said. [Since this is not a quote, I am going to surmise that the Journal News changed Anders’ term to “accident.”] She said investigators planned to review video of the incident from security cameras at the station.

The woman was able to get quick attention from MTA police because additional officers were on the scene to handle the influx of passengers coming from the New Haven Line, where service was disrupted by a failed electrical feeder cable, Anders said.

“Officers climbed down to the track to calm her down,” she said.

[To “calm her down,” or to save her life?]

Gary Waxman, 50, who runs Waxman’s News at the train station, said earlier that police arrested a man without incident outside the station after four witnesses pointed him out.
Waxman said he’d seen the man hanging out at the station on and off for six months.

He said there is an ongoing problem of homeless people hanging out at the station.

“We had a day already of heck,” Waxman said, “because the New Haven Line’s been down and then this happens. It’s a tragedy. They have to get rid of the homeless people in front of the station here. It’s a detriment.”

[This guy may be only 50, but he sounds much older. Very old school. A younger person would be more likely to use profanity, while drowning his observations in pc-babble.]

The White Plains case comes on the heels of a Long Island Rail Road death in August and two well-publicized deaths on the subway tracks in New York City in December.

On Dec. 3, a homeless [black] man [Naeem Davis] pushed [Asian] Ki Suck Han, 58, onto subway tracks in front of a train in Times Square. Han was killed. On Dec. 27, a [Hispanic] woman [Erica Menendez] pushed a [n Indian immigrant] man [Sunando Sen] to his death in front of a train on an elevated platform in Queens. Then in August, a Freeport, N.Y., man [whom the media have refused to name] was electrocuted by the third rail on the LIRR when he was pushed onto the tracks in Bellmore [by black Niheim Levy].

Staff writers Terence Corcoran, Theresa Juva-Brown and Greg Shillinglaw contributed to this report.


Anonymous said...

Add this to the Derbyshire list of things NOT to do around blacks. Don't stand too close to the tracks or the edge of the platform when waiting for the train to arrive. And if a black person is nearby face them in an unobtrusive manner to keep an eye on them but without making direct eye contact. [making direct eye contact according to some might provoke an attack, as with a wild animal on the Serengeti.] And in all cases be prepared to take the most basic of defensive measure if a rapid approach toward you made. KEEP YOUR WITS ABOUT YOU AND NEVER PLACE YOURSELF IN A DISADVANTAGEOUS SITUATION.

Anonymous said...

You're right, you can be 'be crazy & evil & racist' how else was this country built?

This is one of the most ignorant, uneducated comments I've heard since they had a reason for hanging black people back in the, oh wait, they're still doing that.

What happened to the young girl was horrible & I am very happy that she has survived, saddened that she has to suffer for the rest of her life. So, so sorry.

Blacks, in most communities do not receive the health care that they deserve, basically due to the racial divides that this country has dawned upon all of us as a nation.

When black people are guilty of any savage behavior, maybe it is because it has been learnt from the great predecessors of this glorious country.

You should be patting yourselves on the back for such great accomplishments. Oh wait, has it back-fired? Well who's fault is that? People like you carry on this ignorance because you're too weak & feeble-minded. Peons who actually don't have anything REAL or effective to offer to assist this nation.

Yes, what he did was horrific. But there are many, many thousands of black families that can tell you countless stories of whites that were of SOUND MIND who hung, raped, tortured, degraded blacks (man, woman, & CHILD) & the natives of this land, just for the hell of it! Shit, they even have pictures of whites smiling as they hang men with their testicles cut off.
And this went on for many, many, many years.

So please, don't use this horrific incident on this poor girl as a way to execute your racism. Act like your balls haven't been cut off & get to the exact nature.

Good night, sheeple.

Nicholas said...

Anonymous Coward (Monday, November 18, 2013 at 12:32:00 AM EST),

You are so lucky that this isn’t the New York Times, The Atlantic, or some other leftwing rag. They rig their comments sections, by deleting or blocking almost everyone who disagrees with them. Conversely, I like to post as many comments as possible by racist, semi-literate morons like you.

And yet, you have no idea how mind-numbingly stupid and racist you are. You’re positively creaming you pants with your smug sense of superiority. You sure showed me!

By the way, there are tens of millions of white families who have endured black atrocities under Jim Snow. And why would “black” families be telling whites about atrocities that white men supposedly committed against redskins? Are you insinuating that “blacks” and Indians, who hate each other, are the same group? And what do “blacks” know of Indian history? Or you, for that matter? You clearly know nothing about “black” history, either.