Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Obama’s “Son,” Aspiring Mass Murderer Lakim Faust, 23, Shot Only Whites at Greenville, North Carolina Walmart on June 21, Gravely Wounding Four; He Planned on Murdering as Many as 100 Whites; the National Media Covered Up His Hate Crimes and Plans

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Greenville Walmart shooter picked victims by race
Posted 4:26 p.m. yesterday; updated 4:29 p.m. yesterday

GREENVILLE, N.C. — A man who shot four people near a Greenville Walmart in June picked out his victims because they were white, according to several indictments handed down against him.

Lakim Faust had more than 100 rounds of ammunition when he started shooting at people at a law firm and a shopping center in June, authorities said.

A grand jury indicted Faust on 14 charges Monday, including four counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Faust, who is black, picked out his victims based on their race, according to the indictments. The documents didn't specify why Faust wanted to shoot white people, and police have not talked about why he picked out his targets.

Police said Faust's first victim on June 21 was an insurance adjustor in the parking lot of a law firm. He then crossed a five-lane highway and shot three more people in the parking lot of a Walmart, investigators said.

Three of the four people wounded in the shooting suffered permanent and debilitating injuries, according to the indictments. Details of those injuries were not specified.

Faust, 23, was shot by police. He recovered and is now in jail.

Police seized computers and documents from Faust's home that showed he had a plan for the attack and wanted to shoot a large number of people, investigators said.

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Anonymous said...

Computers and documents showed "he had a plan," but not a word will ever be said ABOUT that plan. He will plead to something and that will be the end of it.

Maybe some enterprising person will someday be able to FOIA this "plan."

Stan D Mute