Thursday, September 19, 2013

Laura Ingraham Video: L.A. County ALONE is Seizing $1.6 Billion from American Taxpayers Per Year, and Giving It to Illegal Alien Invaders, Without Even Counting Education Costs (i.e., over $2 Billion, All Told)

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Even when I supported George W. Bush (while criticizing him after his first year in office for “spending money like a drunken sailor”), before I learned to hate him, I never bought his lines about “These are decent people, who are just looking for a better life,” or “They’re doing jobs Americans won’t do.”

As for Laura Ingraham, I used to underestimate her as a respectable Republican, but she’s turned into a real hero on immigration.

See my VDARE colleague Patrick Cleburne’s article on this.


Anonymous said...

I was watching the evening news and this report came on. It particularly emphasized the "white male" part. WTF? It's from Mother Jones originally. So how does an article like this merit space on national news?
You already picked up on the initial attempt to finger a white man but unfortunately for the black crime apologist liars it turned out to be a black man. So now they are going into damage control mode, making sure to remind us that "most" mass shooters are white males, forgetting to add, of course, so just going by demographics there should be more whites in all categories (not always true but it's redundant to state "more whites" commit crime) that blacks only make up only 12% of US population and are wildly overrepresented in the area of mass shootings and serial killing per capita. Check out Justin Cottrell: Black Serial killers for the truth of the racial make up of serial killers. This info originated from Mother Jones so we know what the underlying agenda is.
Note the article also describes the "white male" shooter as "emotionally disturbed". Hey, don't they think that any mass shooter has some emotional disturbance on some level? There is a subtle difference between the crazy card applied to blacks and whites though, in the case of Aaron Alexis his mental problems were brought on by PSTD and therefore not really his fault, a white male is always implied to be innately disturbed and fully responsible for his actions.
This was such a high profile shooting it's impossible for the media to completely cover it up but I'm sure they'll do their best to erase it from history. I predict some follow up stories about "white" shooters to make sure the public's notion of mass shooting being a white syndrome is reinforced.
I'd be willing to bet any amount of money if asked any random person to name any black mass shooters they couldn't name one (besides Aaron Alexis, though they'll forget him soon), they'll have forgotten that a high percentage of recent mass shooters have been black: Ernest Woodley; Erbie Bowser; Lawrence Jones; Jacob Roberts. They sure don't forget white ones that easy. Jerry

Glaivester said...

id you hear about this?

Dick Durbin's Model DREAMer: "F*** Israel."