Monday, September 30, 2013

CNN/HLN’s Kyra Phillips Just Told America About “The Knockout Game”!

By Nicholas Stix

Minutes ago, either morning host Robin Meade or “reporter” Phillips said “parents need to know” about this, and “Kids call it a game, but it’s not a game.”

What would we do without these people?

Apparently, since every sentient being in America already knew about this phenomenon for as much as three years and change, the newshounds at HLN realized that they couldn’t cover it up any longer, and decided to do a pseudo-news report on it.

Of course, Phillips neglected to inform viewers that it’s only black “kids” who call it a “game,” and that they only target whites and Asians. The unexplained, accompanying video was of black kids walking outside, next to a school, and sucker punching a middle-aged, white teacher, who made the mistake of walking past them, without his guard up.

You may never turn your back on blacks, and never let down your guard around even one of them. The same advice applies to the MSM.


Anonymous said...

Right, my impression is that most persons are now even aware of the "game". And that if you are not a black you become a target. And that the "game" is played by exclusively black teens who deliberately target non-black victims and DO WITH WITH RELISH AND GLEE!

Anonymous said...

As originally stated by one of the famous brothers Villas Boas, the difference between the civilized person and the barbarian is that the former commits crimes as does the latter but the civilized person attempts to hide the crime while the barbarian does not. Often the barbarian gloats and is proud of what they have done. Same with the knock out game. These black youth not only attack others but capture the event with camera cell phone and place on the Internet for all to see and admire. Often with audio where the perpetrators and bystanders are heard laughing and chuckling, sometimes in a riotous manner. Very evil!