Thursday, September 19, 2013

It’s So Cool to be a Criminal! Criminal Impersonators are Impersonating Criminals; They Leave the Country, and Return, Posing as Illegal Aliens; DHS Covered It Up

By Nicholas Stix

One thing I can tell you: These are decadent, upper-middle-class types. If you’re white and poor or working-class, there’s nothing cool about being arrested. There’s a simple solution to this campaign: Once the crooks say they’re impersonating illegal aliens. Throw them right back in jail, charge them with criminal impersonation, and prosecute them. The fun will go right out of their little hoax. But not even Breitbart or the Republican hack they quoted thought of that option.

Since the 1960s, there has been a parallel between black and Hispanic trash (aka the “underclasses”), and upper-class white trash, with both groups promoting a lawless, immoral way of life. The criminal impersonators of this ongoing hoax are very much a part of that world.

I realize that the tradition of the "Roman holiday," whereby aristocrats would occasionally dress in rags, and leave their comfortable confines for a binge among poor folk dates to antiquity, but modern, upper-class decadence is a full-time job, with political pretensions, and the aim of destroying society. The only part the modern decadents have in common with their ancient forebears is the intent to hold on to their privileges.

Exclusive -- Internal DHS Document: Pro-Amnesty Americans Pose as Illegals to Mock System
by Matthew Boyle
17 Sep 2013
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An internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document obtained by Breitbart News shows that the agency is aware of pro-amnesty American adults posing as DREAMer illegal aliens as a way to further their political agenda. The document says that such pro-amnesty American adults are crossing the border into Mexico then back into the U.S. with the intent of being captured by U.S. immigration authorities, detained and incarcerated. At a later time they will reveal themselves to be U.S. citizens. The document says they are conducting this activity with the goal of attempting to show America’s immigration system is broken, and needs to be reformed through legislative proposal such as the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” bill.

“The purpose of this bulletin is to advise field personnel of recent information received surrounding the possibility of adult U.S. citizens attempting to enter the U.S. posing as undocumented minor immigrants with the purported desire to be processed for removal proceedings/deportation and detained at juvenile detention centers along the U.S. Southern Border,” the document, which was distributed to U.S. immigration law enforcement personnel on Sept. 10, reads. “The Nogales, AZ, area was specifically mentioned. Then, when the opportunity presents itself they will reveal themselves as U.S. citizens to the media and proceed to criticize/mock the U.S. immigration process in order to further their agenda.”
The document Breitbart News obtained is marked “NOT FOR PUBLIC DISCLOSURE – LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE.”

The document continues by noting that the plan is “believed to be affiliated with/orchestrated by” Prerna Lal and Mohammed Abdollahi, who are the founders of, a website and organization aimed at advocating for DREAM Act immigration policies that would give amnesty to illegal aliens who were brought to America as minors. The website also, as Breitbart News’ Lee Stranahan reported, teaches illegal alien youths “how to lie successfully.”

The DHS document notes that Lal and Abdollahi are also “possible organizers” of the “DREAM 9.”

“The DREAM 9 was the nine Mexican nationals who, on July 21, 2013, walked arm-in-arm through the streets of Nogales to the U.S.-Mexico border and applied for admission,” the DHS document reads. “Based on the previous actions of these activist organizations the detailed information received about this plan should be considered viable.”

The DHS document also includes a July 31, 2013, Facebook posting from Abdollahi, in which he notes: “Arizona Detention Camp is officially in business, we’ve had 7 detention center calls today and the hotline is up and running.” The federal agents who prepared the document note they “discovered” Abdollahi’s Facebook posting through “open source research.”

When shown the document and asked to comment on it, Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, told Breitbart News it is unacceptable for leftwing activists to engage in such behavior.

“The mere fact that these individuals are able to do this stands to further highlight our need for stronger border security,” Salmon said. “While I agree we have a broken immigration system that needs reform, these individuals are adding additional burden to the already overstressed personnel in order to push their own liberal agenda.”


Anonymous said...

Yet another HS sexual assault involving black men, or should I say 17 yr old boys. Of course if you can commit rape maybe you should be considered a man - can you remember one of these incidents that weren't black men or involved them?
All the usual suspects are coming to their defense: He was a good boy, he was framed (his mom) blah blah...

Anonymous said...

A couple more things to add re my previous message. The TV news said they blurred the victims faces to keep identities private. Are they kidding? It's not going to be hard to deduce who they were for anyone local to the area so the actual identities will quickly be spread through social media. I was curious as to the race of the vics, of course they only showed one set of parents with faces blurred but the man looked very dark skinned so I'm surmising he was black though could be a dark skinned asian, the woman had lighter skin and spoke with an accent that sounded like it could have been asian. There were 6 victims, did they pick the only non white parents to feature with "blurred pics" so as to obscure a possible race issue? Sometimes I think that must sound paranoid and absurd to some people but I see this subtle sneaky editing of stories to slant away from black on white crime constantly. Jerry